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Your last-minute CBD Christmas Shopping Guide 2022


Whilst it still feels as if we stand in a train station watching summer pass us in a high speed train, it is the puffer jackets, desperation for hot chocolates and cosy nights that make sure we find ourselves back in winter time. Next thing we know: It is Christmas… and the gift hunting run is about to start. The joy of wandering the city from shop to shop collecting ideas and finding what puts a smile on our loved once faces, is just at that time not such a joy anymore as we share that idea with mostly the rest of the nation. So we put together an editor`s choice of ideas that will save you from getting pushed through shopping malls and still make you turn up with something special to leave under the Christmas tree.

It doesn’t need diamonds. A female focused selection of CBD products.

It is not a secret, skin care needs attention and products that give an overall well being for body and soul shall not be missing in daily life routines, which makes them great presents. Tom Hemp’s The Day Cream builds the base to start the day moisturising the face by also reducing signs of ageing. With additions of olive and almond oil the regenerating cream gives a radiant and smooth complexion. Price: 29.90 EUR

Or why not gift balance? We wrapped it in a box. BALANCE GIFT SET makes dry winter skin be part of yesterday’s stories. The essential oils have a circulation-promoting effect and thus support not only superficially, but in the holistic promotion of a healthy, strengthened and fresh skin appearance. In combination with 7% Full Spectrum CBD Oil there is nothing in the way to enjoy feelings of harmony and relaxation. Price: 46.90 EUR

For the extra moment of foam: Tom Hemp’s Bath bombs are the bubble experience gift. Added to the bath, depending on the ingredients, they either provide moments of calm or have an energising effect. The blue Release version of the little ball supports relaxation at its purest form. Yellow, named Escape, awaits with moments of refreshment and revitalisation. Price: 14.99 EUR per piece.

And to complete the home spa experience: Our Deep Dream scented candle drenches everything in harmonic green and leaves a heavenly smell with its natural terpenes extracted from ingredients such as light chocolate, warm pine forest, eucalyptus and hints of chai. Price: 39.90 EUR

What a man wants… Our choice of CBD presents for men.

In a man’s world elegance and practicality is an irresistible duo. The most awarded Vape pen ticks just those boxes. The mouthpiece combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one and we do not need to mention its minimalistic, yet stylish look. Price: 89.00 EUR

Adding one of our Broad Spectrum CBD Oils,  there is truly nothing that can go wrong in making someone unpack their present without wanting to return it secretly. Price ranges from 22 – 44 EUR

But you might still want to add the obligatory socks: Our favourite surely is the Dip Dye Socks Gorilla Glue. Price: 9.90 EUR

For the once preferring the usage of loose leaf: Pax 3 Complete Kit is the ultimate portable vaporizer for loose leaf and extracts. Price: 199 EUR* (was 249 EUR)

To get straight into the enjoyment: We recommend adding the Flower Discovery Set 2. It contains a selection of exclusive aroma flowers by Tom Hemp’s. One gram each of the CBD flower sorts „Harlequin“, „Gorilla Glue“, „Berlin Kush 36“ and „Görlitzer Punch“. This carefully chosen spectrum of creations with CBD contents between 6 and 10%, all made from industrial hemp. Price: 29.90 EUR

For those that prefer spending not more than 50 Euros: Our CBD Wax Filled Vape Pen makes a great alternative.

Better together. The CBD gift set for couples.

A gift for your partner that also is a gift for you: The Love Set. Pick and choose from two soothing body oils in a set with “The Lubricant” and make this year a tingling celebration. Price: 29.00 EUR

The little extras to give. Hemp seed gifts and ideas for everyone.

Pimp your sporty spice of the family with Tom Hemp`s Hanfprotein. Because why not give that extra portion of power that your loved one can add to morning cereals or daily shakes? Price: 7.95 EUR

We also do not want to be in the kitchen anymore without hemp seed oil. It is a sweet little gift to give, with big power. Hemp Seed Oil Gold has a pleasant nutty flavour. Despite the mild flavour it’s a real power-player with a lot of punch. Price: 7.90 EUR

Can’t choose or do not want to choose? We got you covered with our Gift Card.

And if your favourite gift to give is not part of our selection: Come see us in one of our shops and take a look at all products or visit Online Shop. To check our pre-selected gift sets: Gift Sets.

And now let’s all be strong to wrap up the purchases and pass them on. Because in our case there is not rarely the slight chance we just keep it for ourselves. Ooops!

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