Buying CBD flowers

When talking about hemp products one question comes up again and again: is it legal to buy CBD flowers, also known as buds? Just like the psychoactive THC, CBD originates in the cannabis plant. At the end of the harvest the CBD flowers are legally removed and dried. Tom Hemp’s CBD flowers are a pure and untreated natural product, completely free from pesticides and herbicides. As opposed to THC, CBD does not make you high: this is the main difference between the two compounds. For this reason buying CBD flowers is legal, whereas flowers or buds with a high THC content are forbidden in Germany. CBD flowers are also sold as aroma flowers and are especially good for making teas or for external use. CBD or Cannabidiol has a wide range of effectiveness, from trouble sleeping and depression to migraines. CBD has even been used as a treatment for epilepsy. But in Germany there are still many factors to look out for when purchasing CBD. To make sure that the flowers meet all necessary standards, you can only order CBD flowers at Tom Hemp’s that have been harvested from EU-certified industrial hemp. These contain such a low percentage of THC that they are legal. Our aroma flowers do not have a psychoactive effect. If you would like to purchase our CBD flowers you can do so simply and safely via our online shop, or in one of our store locations. In Berlin you can even order your CBD flowers online and have them delivered to your home by bike.