Hello guys – The CBD experience

An article by Daniel

Daniel introduces himself and tells about his CBD experience

Hi Guys,

Since I will regularly be contributing to the Tom Hemp’s blog I thought it might be a good start to introduce myself & give you an idea of who I am. My name is Daniel, and I’m 34 years old. I come from the beautiful North Rhine Westphalia. I’m a husband and father of 3 children, one is 11 years old, and our twins are 5. Professionally I have been traveling for 12 years as a registered geriatric nurse, where I also served as head of the residential area for the last 3 years.


What experience do I have with CBD?

I have known about and consumed CBD (Cannabidiol) for almost a year now. I have been running a review channel on Instagram for various CBD products since April 2018. This made it possible for me to test the most diverse CBD products from various providers.

The many products I have tested include: CBD Oil, CBD Blooms, CBD Liquid, CBD Crystals, CBD Crumble, CBD Edibles, CBD Hash & CBD Pollen as well as topical products like CBD Ointments & Creams. I would like to share with you my experiences in the “CBD scene” during this time & will of course incorporate this in my “blog posts”.


But where do I want to go with my blog posts for Tom Hemp’s?

First and foremost, I want to provide some kind of education – which unfortunately still needs liberating from the negative image of cannabis. I wish to try and improve this situation.

I want to tackle prejudices against CBD & CBD consumers, to help raise awareness and disseminate the medical benefits of CBD. I would like to give a piece-wide orientation for consumers – to contribute something so that you can make better decisions in the field of CBD preparations. There is a very large selection of products with what may seem like high price tags to newcomers. The almost endless range of CBD products can be very confusing and overwhelming.


How did I discover CBD, and what is my own experience with it?

In fact, “Cannabidiol” first encountered me in my professional environment. In a conversation with one of my nursing staff who suggested CBD oil for my constant headaches and abdominal upsets.

A short time later, a friend also asked “if I’ve ever heard something about CBD hype”. I started to do a little research myself. I was very surprised by how much positive information I encountered on the net, about CBD oil, CBD blooms and the CBD effect. So I decided to buy some CBD oil and tested it intensively in the following days. Well, what should I say? Success all along the line.

The CBD oil helped me to reduce my then almost daily occurring headache and to relieve my also frequently occurring upset stomach. I was excited and managed to massively reduce my aspirin dose. But also my sleep behavior as well as my general mood have improved significantly during this time.

That was almost a year ago – now I have a wealth of experience in various CBD products and CBD in general which I would like to share with you in the coming months and blogs.

Best wishes