Let’s talk about sex baby

An article by Mounia Mosso

Let’s talk about sex baby

Hello fellow readers,

I was asked to translate the oh so important article from my colleague Daniel on the oh so important subject of Sex and CBD.

Drop everything you are doing and read in a quiet place, there is some very valuable information below:

“When I talked to Cristian recently, he asked me if I would like to write a blog article on “CBD and Sexuality”. Since I was immediately on fire for this idea, I didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed.”

In my opinion, it’s a fascinating topic which is barely spoken about yet. I started a poll among my followers on Instagram, and the result kind of shocked me: Over 70% of my followers stated that they believe CBD has no impact whatsoever on their sex lives.

I then asked myself if I had perhaps misspelled the question, or if people know so little about the benefits of CBD that they cannot understand the link between the health benefits on the holistic level and their sexuality. I hope that many of my followers, as well as my non-followers, will be able to read this blog article and understand why I am firmly convinced that CBD could significantly improve your sex life and that CBD does have an impact on sexuality.


So let’s start by asking: How can CBD manage to improve your sex life?

We would first need to do some research on the topic- there are many reasons why things can go south “in bed” and that can diminish a passionate sex drive. Many sexual troubles can be directly linked to psychological or physical concerns that can interfere with your sex life. You do not feel satisfied and therefore lose self-confidence.

For some people, the thought of having sex with a partner and to share such intimate moments can lead to anxiety, tension, and panic. Especially during romantic moments, one may be surprised by his feelings. Anxiety, physical insecurity or doubt can quickly turn such events into an unpleasant experience and spoil the spur of the moment. Sex is all about relaxation, and CBD has the potential to naturally reach that state. Although seemingly safe, the use of CBD for improved sexual function, when combined with other drugs, should always be discussed with a physician.

An experiment published last year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine examined endocannabinoid levels in healthy male and female subjects before and after masturbation to orgasm. Endocannabinoids are the cannabinoids that our bodies naturally produce. Interestingly, scientists found in the study participants after orgasm an increase in endocannabinoid 2-AG (2-arachidonoylglycerol).

The researchers concluded that the endocannabinoid system plays a role in the human sexual response. With the restriction that further research is needed to determine what role 2-AG plays when it is released as part of sexual pleasure. The manipulation of this response by cannabinoids could spur the process and allow users to mimic this chemical “reward reaction“. In conclusion, and as we know, the cannabinoids in CBD help produce more of it and therefore helps to heal diseases/problems and thus can help you feel relaxed in these moments and increase your sex drive.


CBD for pain:

For many people, pain is a major reason why the desire for sex disappears – understandably. Quickly, you are inclined to resort to conventional drugs that promise immediate relief. Unfortunately, many analgesics have a lot of side effects that can affect your libido. Scientific reports are showing that the use of CBD in chronic pain is an effective treatment option for chronic adult pain. And thanks to the safe use of cannabidiol, you do not have to worry about side effects affecting your sexual function.



Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory potential, and experts consider inflammation as a reason for decreased sex drive.
Not only do people with chronic inflammation often suffer from pain, but they also struggle with circulatory problems. Especially for men, this can be a real problem and circulatory disorders can cause erectile dysfunction. A man can no longer maintain an erection properly – or it doesn’t last long. Due to the remarkable therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, the cannabinoid could relieve inflammation and pain that could be a possible cause of erectile dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder affecting millions of men. Women can suffer as well. Central to the onset of erectile dysfunction is the fear of sexual failure. At this point, the therapeutic potential of CBD comes into play. With its stress-relieving / anxiolytic and relaxing effects, CBD could take away such worries and provide more relaxation.


Of course, there is also a certain “danger” that after the use of CBD- products the “relaxation” has progressed so far that one is simply “too tired” for intercourse. However, should this happen, you simply need to reduce your dose slightly and thus find a suitable dose that does not affect you so much.

So my dear ones, I hope you liked our little journey into the topic of “CBD and Sexuality” and that I could clarify that CBD certainly has an impact on our sexuality because CBD acts “holistically” with us.

The topic of “holisticness” I have already highlighted in the article on “CBD and terpene – the entourage effect”.
Questions, criticism, suggestions or new topic suggestions in the comments section, please!

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