Tom Hemp's

The Body Lotion


250ml (10,20€ / 100ml)

CBD in your body lotion? Really? We’ll tell you a secret: there’s almost nothing better for your skin. How come? CBD comes with further high quality ingredients, that give you smooth and supple skin.
Want even more information? Alright, here are the secrets of our body lotion: Shea butter meets with nourishing hemp seed oil, aloe vera and almond oil in Tom Hemp’s The Body Lotion and turn into a skin care product of the highest grade. Natural, holistic, nourishing. The combination of CBD and hemp seed oil makes the skin soft and supple and protects it from losing moisture. Further ingredients such as shea butter and aloe vera create additional protection and help create a healthy skin with their anti-inflammatory effect. Our gentle care moisturising lotion is suitable for all skin types and daily use.

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