Tom Hemp's

Flower discovery set 1


Our Flower Discover Set 1 was made for discoverers! Are you ready to explore Tom Hemp’s exclusive aroma creations? A gram of the CBD flower sorts “Harlequin, “Alien Haze“, “Berlin Kush 36“ and “Gorilla Glue“ (containing 5-10% CBD each) give you the perfect vantage point to uncover the vast range of CBD aroma flowers in Tom Hemp’s selection. This is one for everyone who hates making decisions. Try all of our exquisite compositions and find your favourite!

The aroma products “Harlequin”, “Alien Haze”,”Berlin Kush” and “Gorilla Glue” are types of EU-certified industrial hemp, which are listed in the EU Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species. Both products are completely free from pesticides and herbicides.

Precos incluem IVA e possiveis custos de remessa. E possivel encontrar detalhes de remessa aqui


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