Hello, welcome to Tom Hemp’s green world!

Tom Hemp’s was founded in the vibrant neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin in 2016.

Before CBD became one of the biggest trends in beauty and wellness industry, our founder Cristian Accardo already began serving hemp-based foods in his coffee shop, this was the starting point to launch one of Europe`s first CBD shops. Since then, we have been working to develop our vision to alllow access to CBD-based products to a widespread audience.
Besides distribution, we manufacture our own oils, flowers, e-liquids and a variety of cosmetics.

Our range is constantly expand- ing – anything you can imagine to be made out of industrial hemp, we already have our fingers on! All our products are made of 100% European industrial hemp, EU certified and pesti- cide/herbicide free. To guarantee the quality, the production processes are overseen from our Berlin headquarters and our subsidiary company in Salerno, Italy.

Our fast growing distribution network currently is based in Germany, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium. The aim is to expand the business across those borders rapidly. We are gradually building up collaborations with strong and competent partners worldwide.

Our team behind Tom Hemp’s believe in CBD being a product which has not yet even reached the attention it deserves and we dedicate our work towards changing that.

By creating a lifestyle brand that is aware of its responsibilities towards sustainability, Tom Hemp’s is set to for the global market.

Tom Hemp's CBD Shop Berlin