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Party over for the green start into the new year. Cannabis legalization ticks to its own time and that seems to be the only reliable constant at the moment. Before March 2024, the most talked-about little green miracle will have no prospect of changing its status, i.e. it will continue to be illegal under the [...]
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Cannabis Legalisation


On October 18, 2023, the Federal Parliamant debated for the first time the fate of cannabis culture in Germany. Affectionately known as “CanG,” the law is intended primarily to curb the black market and correct failed drug policies, according to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who opened the political show. Since the idea as such, chaos [...]
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Luxembourg legalizes cannabis as second country within the EU

The world is changing. In a landmark move, Luxembourg as one of the smallest EU countries has passed the law to legalise marijuana. With 38:22 votes given, the members of parliament chose to allow for the private consumption and cultivation. State production chains and controlled sales are to be planned next. This comes as a [...]
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