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cbd by the beach

A Summer Symphony Starring CBD

Next stop: SUMMER. Hitting the road towards the year’s hottest season, we can almost hear the sound of festivals, the harmony of waves crashing the beach and feel the sun hitting our skin. Whether you’re obsessed escaping to off-shores or falling for vibrating hot summer city nights, there’s those things that should not be missed [...]
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Das geht runter wie Öl -  Unsere Munchie-Rezepte mit Hanföl 1536x1000

It goes down like oil – Our munchie recipes with hemp oil

Coconut, olive, walnut, soy, sunflower… Pretty much every plant containing fat also claims its own oil. For a long time, however, one remained an outsider, although it fulfills a multitude of criteria that make it a flagship product, it is primarily concerned with health-promoting aspects. It is derived from the very plant that we are [...]
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TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL – The Who’s Who of the Cannabis plant

With a constantly rising number of countries reforming laws on the legalization of Cannabis, we shall give some attention to it`s main psychoactive component: Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC. The chemical is found in the leaves and flowering shoots of the Marijuana plant and was first discovered and isolated in 1964. That surely refers [...]
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Flower Facts: How CBD flowers find their way to you

The hemp plant is the oldest known useful plant in the world. Their popularity is due in part to their diversity. After all, hemp is no longer only used in the textile and rope industry, but increasingly also in the cosmetics, wellness and well-being industry. Hemp, a real jack of all trades! We at Tom [...]
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