When talking about hemp products one question comes up again and again: is it legal to buy CBD flowers, also known as buds? Just like the psychoactive THC, CBD originates in the cannabis plant. At the end of the harvest the CBD flowers are legally removed and dried. Tom Hemp’s CBD flowers are a pure and untreated natural product, completely free from pesticides and herbicides. As opposed to THC, CBD does not make you high: this is the main difference between the two compounds. For this reason buying CBD flowers is legal, whereas flowers or buds with a high THC content are forbidden in Germany. CBD flowers are also sold as aroma flowers and are especially good for making teas or for external use. CBD or Cannabidiol has a wide range of effectiveness, from trouble sleeping and depression to migraines. CBD has even been used as a treatment for epilepsy. But in Germany there are still many factors to look out for when purchasing CBD. To make sure that the flowers meet all necessary standards, you can only order CBD flowers at Tom Hemp’s that have been harvested from EU-certified industrial hemp. These contain such a low percentage of THC that they are legal. Our aroma flowers do not have a psychoactive effect. If you would like to purchase our CBD flowers you can do so simply and safely via our online shop, or in one of our store locations. In Berlin you can even order your CBD flowers online and have them delivered to your home by bike.


CBD flowers are the buds of the industrial hemp plant. CBD flowers originate only from plants with a low THC-content, which means that CBD flowers are legal since they contain CBD, as opposed to the intoxicating THC. CBD flowers are the base which a lot of CBD products are created from. Many sellers of CBD flowers also call them “aroma flowers” in their shops. CBD flowers are a primary production material and are not meant to be consumed. You can purchase aroma flowers through us. Reputable online shops sell CBD flowers – as do we. If you click here, you’ll be led directly to our CBD flower shop and can order CBD flowers there. We offer an range of aroma flowers.

CBD hash is an extract rich in CBD, which has been made entirely from EU certified industrial hemp flowers. CBD hash contains the complete spectrum of cannabinoids, including terpenes, flavnoids, CBD itself, CBDa, CBDV and CBG. A legal and official shop where you can purchase CBD has didn't exist for a long time. Now this has changed! Tom Hemp’s is working completely within the German legal parameters. So if you’re looking to buy CBD hash, head right over here! Normal hashish differs from CBD Hash in that normal hashish has a psychoactive effect which makes users “high”, and is illegal in Germany. CBD hash does not have psychoactive or intoxicating effects. The look and smell of the products are similar. Standard CBD hash contains between 5 and 10% cannabidiol, but stronger varieties of CBD hash exist that contain up to 20% CBD. CBD hash is a natural product that has a similar effect to CBD oil. You can buy CBD hash that contains up to 22% CBD at Tom Hemp’s. Head over to our shop here.

CBD oil is often sold in small bottles, which commonly contain 30 ml of liquid, and have a small pipette integrated inside them. The term CBD drops is used in most cases to designate CBD oil, but this specific wording is referred to because of the pipette which is used for dosage – i.e. the tool for administration. The pipette makes it was to dose CBD oil, because users have good control over how many drops they administer. Furthermore the small bottles are easy to carry around, for example in a trouser pocket or a handbag. CBD drops, or CBD oil with a pipette, is also available for pets. You can find out more here, and you can buy CBD oil for cats or dogs here.

Cannabidiol is the designation of one of over 100 natural cannabinoids obtained from the cannabis plant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s safe and harmless to consume cannabidiol, as long as it’s pure and doesn’t contain dangerous toxins. Although the hemp and cannabis plants are biologically related and appear similar at a first glance, hemp does not produce the same psychoactive effects as cannabis does. Furthermore, the hemp plant has been used as a raw material, food source or for medicial purposes for thousands of years. Cannabidiol is not a psychoactive cannabinoid from the female hemp (cannabis), which means it does not have a psychoactive or intoxicating effect. Between you and me this means: it doesn’t make people “high”.

CBD oil is an extract that is gained from the flowers and leaves of industrial hemp – more precisely from the female plant Cannabis satvia L – and then added to a consumable plant oil. The contained cannabidiol can also be directly solved as a plant oil. The word CBD from CBD oil stands for cannabidiol and is a cannabinoid. CBD oil is called that way because cannabidiol makes up the biggest component of all cannabinoids in hemp extract – up to 40% in fact. CBD oil contains no more than fragments of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), since industrial hemp is used for its production, which legally contains a maximum of 0,2% of THC. This is how it’s possible to sell CBD oil legally in Germany. The effect of CBD oil is not psychoactive or intoxicating. Cannabidiol is the main (and not psychoactive) component of the cannabis plant, and is being currently heavily studied for this reason. CBD oil can be purchased with different levels of CBD contents. Tom Hemp’s range includes full spectrum oils (2,5%, 5%, 7%, 12%) as well as aroma oils containing 7%, 12% or 18% CBD. You can buy CBD oil in our online Shop as well as in our Tom Hemp’s CBD Shop Berlin – and both are completely legal. You can find out more about CBD oil effects, CBD oil dosage and experiences with CBD oil in our Journal. New articles all around the topic of CBD are added all the time.

The effect that CBD oil has varies from person to person. It is said that the effect of CBD oil can be different – there are a lot of experience reports of a calming and tension-reducing effect, as well as preventing infection and reducing pain, which are often quoted. CBD is meant to be supportive during infections and infection-related pain, epilepsy, schizophrenic psychosis, stress, burnout, difficulty sleeping, migraine, nausea and vomiting. Furthermore CBD is said to have neuroprotective and antibacterial characteristics. The main theme of the effect of CBD oil is: relaxation. There is a huge range of CBD products available, which are said to have a huge area of effect – and CBD drops are the subject that most newcomers to the topic stumble upon. Want to find out more about what CBD drops are?

There are CBD products for animals too: such as CBD oil for dogs or CBD oil for cats. Humans aren’t the only creatures that can use and gain from CBD oil. The effect that CBD oil has on animals varies. If a dog or cat is in a stressful situation and they feel pressure, fear or agitation, CBD oil pets could be helpful and work against the unpleasant sensations. Animal bodies create their own cannabinoids, but CBD from the cannabis plant can support them when their natural cannabinoids aren’t sufficient to create a certain state – in particular a relaxed state. CBD oil for dogs or CBD oil for cats are specific CBD oils called CBD Pets and have a special composition. At Tom Hemp’s we also sell the premium CBD oil for pets created by Enecta.

The body can benefit from CBD in lots of different ways. In fact, CBD landed in the beauty industry a long time ago. CBD creams can be used to locally treat symptoms of infectious skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis. The endocannabinoid system, which works in combination with cannabidiol, is distributed across the whole body. CBD creams which are applied to the skin transmit their effect to the receptors inside the affected skin area, and act in the surrounding cellular and tissue levels. This way CBD salves can reduce infections locally. Cannabidiol (CBD for short) has several healing properties – even the repair of damaged cells can be supported with the use of CBD cream. This was already a known fact generations ago: the ancient Egyptians used CBD as a disinfectant. Already then the infection-reducing properties of CBD was known. According the reports affected skin parties were treated with CBD already then. The broad spectrum of benefits also includes treatment of sore muscles or tension, which can also be reduced with CBD salves. The ingredient combination in the CBD cream determines which application it is most suited for. After physical exercise CBD creams with mint can be helpful. People who suffer from tension can try out using CBD cream in combination with warmth. Tom Hemp’s offers a broad range of CBD cosmetics. Order your selection online here and have it delivered to your home!

It’s not a secret that the consumption of cannabidiol (CBD for short) can have a multitude of positive impacts on the body. Even the after-effects of chemotherapy as well as epilepsy have been treated with CBD. CBD tea is a type of tea that is made from the flowers of industrial hemp. This form of delivery of cannabidiol can be especially effective when combatting nausea or stomach pain. Furthermore CBD can help to reduce infection-inducing hormones. In contrast to THC, CBD does not make people high, so CBD tea can be consumed without concern. In Germany you can buy CBD tea completely legally from online retailers or at pharmacies. The illegal component THC doesn’t exist in legally sold CBD teas at levels of more than 0,2%. People who drink CBD tea won’t be in any way restricted in their daily lives. Some of the positive effects that consumers of CBD tea report are reduction of headaches, stress, nervousness and trouble sleeping. Furthermore depression, menstrual pain and joint pains can be combatted. After a stressful day at work CBD tea can be used to relax and switch off. The Hemp and Chai Tea by Dutch Harvest combines lemongrass, fennel seeds, cinnamon, ginger, parsley, cardamom, pink pepper and a sprinkling of liquorice along with the relaxing effect of hemp flowers. Brew two teaspoons of CBD tea with a litre of boiling water and stew for 5 to 7 minutes – that’s how easy it is to prepare. If you’d like to buy CBD tea and have it delivered to your, home simply take a look at Tom Hemp’s Online Shop.

Pure CBD is often sold in form of crystals and can be liquified into CBD e-liquids. Once CBD is sophisticatedly extracted, enriched with an e-liquid and made into a CBD e-liquid, a pleasant feeling of relaxation can be noticed shortly after use. This varies from person to person though, and depends on the CBD dosage per millilitre. According to current research, CBD e-liquid’s effects extend from the relief to the eradication of several illnesses. A CBD e-liquid is defined as a liquid containing CBD, which is consumed through vaporization via a vaporizer or vape pen. When vaped, the effects of CBD are said to occur almost instantaneously, as the substance enters the bloodstream directly. Here at Tom Hemp’s we stock and sell several vape pens and vaporizers as well as CBD e-liquids. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to consuming CBD – as well as of course which vape pen or vaporizer they may choose to use. You can find a selection of vaporizers here, and check out our Tom Hemp’s e-liquids here.

CBD extract can be extracted through several methods. One of them is CO2 extraction. This specific type of cannabidiol extraction is environmentally friendly and achieves a very pure end product. During CO2 extraction the substance is released from the plant material through carbon dioxide. In the alternative method of dry-sieving, the extract is separated from the remaining product through very fine sieves. However the final product is not a real CBD extract, as its concentration rate is much lower, and it contains a large quality of other residues from the hemp plant. The third method, called water filtration, involves filtering the raw material through a special filtering system with high water pressure, which separates the required active substances from the rest of the plant. Finally, the gained product is dried before it can be processed further. The fourth official method to produce CBD extract is to release the CBD extract through alcohol. This procedure leads to very good results – just like CO2 extraction. But the release through alcohol is financially less viable for the creation of CBD extract. At Tom Hemp’s, our extracts are won through CO2 extraction. Experts and lovers of CBD oil most often choose full-spectrum CBD extracts.

The so-called CBD isolate designates pure cannabidiol, or an isolated form of CBD. CBD isolate can be produced either from the hemp plant or created artificially in a laboratory. CBD isolates are predominantly used in professional medicinal fields as they are very pure, sterile and highly concentrated. During the production of CBD isolate all parts of the hemp plant are filtered out in a very intricate process, so that the final product remains a white crystal-like powder with an extremely high CBD content of over 99%. However, this also means that CBD isolates are lacking remaining cannabinoids and further compounds. These are said to have a synergetic use with CBD and work together when combined. This effect doesn’t occur with CBD isolates. The lack of the described sensation is meaningful for many purchasers, and informs their buying decision.

CBD crystals are one of the purest forms of CBD. In fact the small particles aren’t crystals per se, but more similar to very fine, delicate particles that have an appearance which can be likened to powdered sugar. CBD crystals are produced from industrial hemp flowers and leaves. The plants used are always extremely low in THC and are often used for the production of hemp fibres for textiles, for example. So-called hemp crystals contain no THC. CBD crystals offer all the benefits and effects of CBD, without containing so much as a trace of THC. This isolated version of CBD is helpful for users who have a strong reaction to THC – and therefore has its own benefits.

There are clear guidelines and laws concerning the subject of legality of CBD, which determine whether CBD is legal in Germany. Although the spreading of CBD is steadily increasing and CBD products are slowly being integrated by the masses, many consumer are unsure and ask themselves whether CBD is legal in Germany. This is mainly due to the fact that CBD is gained from the industrial hemp plant – which most people associate first and foremost with cannabis and illegality. In contrast to THC however, cannabidiol (CBD) does not fall under jurisdiction of the German intoxication law. For this reason CBD can be legally purchased in Germany. What is important to pay attention to however, is that the product complies with government regulations. All of Tom Hemp’s products comply with government regulations, and we very strictly follow all laws and guidelines. This means that at Tom Hemp’s both CBD oil is legal and CBD flowers are legal. The smoking and consumption of the described flowers however is not legal in Germany. The sale and purchase thereof is permitted for scientific, commercial and technical purposes. An important limit for the legality of CBD products are their THC contents, which must remain under 0,2% for the CBD oil for example to be legal. Read more here.

CBD cosmetics are organic cosmetics, which contain the active ingredient cannabidiol. Cosmetics and care-products which contain CBD are becoming more and more popular on the cosmetics market. And there’s good reason for that: medical studies indicate that cannabidiol – CBD for short – might be able to help with skin problems. Nearly the entire range of cosmetics products available today exists as a CBD version: CBD creams, CBD lotion, shampoo, body oil and many more belong to the assortment of available goods. Aside from the ingredient cannabidiol, CBD creams and lotions also contain the necessary ingredients to give the cosmetic product the necessary consistency, look and pleasant scent. Like all cannabinoids, the useful and legal ingredient CBD is a waterproof and oil-receptive substance. This means it dissolves easily in oils and fats. This is a reason why CBD cosmetics combine so well with human skin and can be easily absorbed into the human metabolism. When buying CBD cosmetics it’s important to pay attention to the active ingredients the product contains. Ideally the product should be based on natural substances. Since CBD cosmetics, such as most CBD creams, have demonstrated an ideal pH value, CBD cosmetic products are generally suited for all skin types. Tom Hemp’s sells a CBD cream – The CBD Cream, as well as The CBD Body Lotion and different body oils in their product range. You can find out more about each product in the individual product’s description.

CBD tea, just like other CBD products, contains less than 0,2% THC, and therefore has no psychoactive effect on your body. The higher the CBD value is, the stronger the CBD tea’s effect will be on your body. The CBD value differs amongst the four Tom Hemp’s teas in our shop. We sell CBD teas by the brand Dutch Harvest, which is made from hemp that was cultivated in the fields of Groningen in the Netherlands. The crops can survive without pesticide, create a lot of CO2 and are good for the soil. If you want to buy CBD tea, head over this way. We have CBD teas in the flavours Hemp & Tumeric, Hemp & Herbs, Hemp Chain and Simply Hemp.

Many oils, cosmetic products and capsules these days contain a percentage of the non-psychoactive compound CBD. Nonetheless the understanding that hemp always leads to a psychoactive effect is prevalent. As opposed to THC, the compound that has a psychoactive effect, CBD is legal and doesn’t make people high. CBD is used in Germany as an additional treatment of many diseases. Reportedly the side-effects of chemotherapy can be successfully reduced through the use of CBD oil. Additionally, more and more positive statements by migraine patients can be found, who were able to treat their pain legally with CBD. Also menstrual pain can potentially be treated with Cannabidiol. Users are not limited in their daily activities by the consumption of CBD and do not need to expect any drastic side-effects of CBD. So that CBD can be legally sold in Germany, its THC content may not rise above the level of 0,2%. At Tom Hemp’s you can rest assured that our CBD oil is legal, as well all other CBD products you can purchase in our online shop. From a legal point of view, CBD oil is legal because it isn’t declared as a narcotic. Cannabidiol in connection with a further consumable good has been classified as a new food item by the EU, which means that CBD oil can be purchased legally. Nonetheless, while choosing a retailer, quality and safety should be points to look out for. Tom Hemp’s CBD is completely derived from EU-certified industrial hemp. That means you can be certain that all standards are met. We check the THC content of our product to ensure that our CBD remains legal. You can also see the THC content of our products for yourself when looking at the packaging, and further ensure that you can purchase CBD oil legally and hassle-free from us.

Currently cannabidiol, also known as CBD, can be found in many different products. From CBD oil, creams, crystals, food products and even CBD weed – the product range is huge. But especially CBD flowers are often associated with marihuana, which is illegal in Germany. CBD however isn’t restricted by the German narcotics act. For this reasons CBD flowers are legal and can be sold freely. On the other hand THC, the substance that has a psychoactive effect and is contained in illegal marihuana, is forbidden in Germany. So that CBD flowers can be sold legally, their THC value needs to remain under the legal boundary of 0,2%. Especially when buying CBD weed it’s important to choose a high quality producer. If you’d like to order CBD flowers you can do so easily and safely at Tom Hemp’s online shop. The industrial hemp that Tom Hemp’s CBD Weed is made from, is EU-certified and free from pesticides and herbicides. The cannabis types that are used to produced from have a high percentage of cannabidiol, and a very low THC content. CBD weed is also often referred to as aroma flowers, as the flowers are especially good to make hemp flower tea. But the substance can also be used as external application for dry or irritated skin due to the inflammation-reducing properties of cannabidiol. Since CBD weed is a natural product no unwanted side effects can be expected.

Aside from a host of positive effects when using CBD oil, under some circumstances unwanted negative side-effects may occur. Even though Cannabidiol is a natural ingredient, the possibility of CBD side-effects cannot be completely excluded. For this reason it’s important to pay attention to the correct amount or dosage when using CBD oil. A good rule of thumb for beginners of CBD consumption can be found here. A range of complaints can be counteracted with the use of Cannabidiol, such as several consequences of chemotherapy. Cancer patients have reported of a reduction in joint pain after taking CBD oil. For most people the use of CBD products is a personal choice, and only very rarely will the costs be carried by a health insurer. This is why it’s all the more important for beginners to be well informed about CBD oil dosage in order to avoid possible side effects. During administration of heavy medication, consulting a doctor is advised. CBD side-effects and interactive side-effects from other medications can be possible due to an interaction of CBD with human enzymes already present in the body. In some cases CBD side-effects can be related to blood pressure. The purchase and consumption of inadequate oils may also lead to CBD side-effects. All of Tom Hemp’s CBD products meet high safety standards and are produced exclusively from EU-certified industrial hemp. Order your CBD products simply and safely and have them delivered to your home through our online shop.

When sold as an oil, CBD is often sold in a small bottle with a pipette. Die pipette helps users achieve a very precise dosage of the CBD so that the dosage can be easily monitored. Every body reacts differently to the same dosage of CBD oil, independent of their weight or gender. For this reason it’s hard to generalise information about CBD oil dosages. Even though no notable amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be found in CBD, the exact dosage of CBD should be adjusted to the person consuming it. There are a few general guidelines when it comes to CBD oil dosage which beginners can benefit from. First, the CBD contents should be checked on the bottle. A beginner is advised to slowly increase their CBD oil dosage slowly. Newbies can also use the formula [CBD in mg] ÷ [bottle size in ml] = [CBD in mg/ml] to regulate their dosage. Generally speaking each pipette draws in 1ml. A low CBD dosage is 1mg per 4,5 kg body mass. A medium dosage would be 3 mg per 4,5 kg body mass, and a high dosage would be 6 mg per 4,5 kg body mass. As an example, a woman with 79 kg body mass is looking for a medium dosage. First, we divide the body mass of 79 kg by 4,5 kg, to determine how the factor of 4,5 fits into the total weight. In this case it’s 17,5. This number is then multiplied by 3 (medium CBD dosage). The result is a CBD oil dosage of 52 mg per day. If the consumer notices no relief in their symptoms or just a very small relief, they can always think about increasing their CBD dosage.

Cannabigerol (CBG for short) is the first Cannabinoid that forms in the cannabis plant. CBG is the substance that makes it possible for CBD and the psychoactive substance THC to form in the first place. However, most types of hemp only contain very small amounts of CBG (<1%). CBG is a Phytocannabinoid. These molecules cannot not be created by the human body – as opposed to Endocannabinoids. Cannabigerol ist a non-psychoactive Cannabinoid, just like CBD, so it doesn’t make users “high”. In contrast to CBD, CBG hasn’t gotten very much attention, since its low concentration hasn’t attracted much research. Scientists at the University of Reading have discovered in a study with two rats that the effect of CBG increases the appetite. Further studies suggest that CBG can reduce the growth of certain tumours. Just like with CBD, the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Naples has conducted research on the effect of CBG on intestinal diseases. The study found that CBG can have an infection-reducing effect, just like CBD. The CBG effect on the GABA-neurotransmission in the brain can also reduce pain. However, as opposed to the research on CBD, studies on CBG are still in their infancy.

CBD capsules can come in very handy to take your daily dosage of CBD while you’re out and about. The encapsulated CBD oil is easy to digest and is easily absorbed into the human organism. Cannabidiol is a natural product and has several positive effects on the body. The liver and kidneys are not adversely affected by the consumption of CBD capsules. Because they’re so easy to take, CBD capsules are the perfect solution to fight many physical issues. Taking CBD capsules can also have a positive effect on the intestinal flora. Further to its benefits for the inner organs, CBD can also lead to healthy skin and strong hair. Tom Hemp’s offers a range of CBD cosmetics such as body oils and skin care products, as well as our CBD capsules. You can find our CBD cosmetics here. Even cancer patients have reported a relief of negative side effects through taking CBD capsules. Nonetheless CBD capsules are not a medicine and can only help the body find relief from complaints, but do not replace medical treatment. CBD capsules are also an idea nutritional supplement for a healthy diet. As opposed to THC the non-psychoactive effect of Cannabidiol is an alternative to general medicine appropriate for daily use. The calming, pain reducing effect of CBD capsules has been proven in studies – for example children’s epilepsy has been successfully treated. People looking for a simple and uncomplicated way to ingest Cannabidiol need look no further than CBD capsules.


Hemp oil is made from industrial hemp and contains a whole range of unsaturated fats, such as omega 3 and omega 6. The trace particles of THC and CBD however are minimal. In the rare case that CBD or THC are found in hemp oil this resulted from plant material that remained on the seeds. During the production of CBD oils or cannabis oils, hemp oil is often used as an additive to help support the complete effects. There are also CBD oils that are created with from an olive oil base. Especially in the USA the term “hemp oil” is well known and is generally used for everything that has been extracted from the hemp plant. Therefore, the term hemp oil can also be seen as an umbrella term. In Germany, the term “cannabis oil” is used to describe an oil which does not fulfil the local requirements for a CBD oil. The difference between CBD oil and hemp oil mainly is due to the existing restrictions due to legal constraints. You can find out more about this in our Journal.


Hemp as a so-called industrial plant requires a small amount of environmentally straining fertiliser and sprays, and is – for this and other reasons – a popular crop plant. Many parts of the hemp plants can be sensibly used, so growing hemp as crop also makes sense from a sustainability perspective. The purely medicinal use of the hemp plant is thousands of years old, and has been practiced for as long as 5000 years according to folklore. The fields of application for the hemp plant are diverse and practical. The hemp plant is therefore officially one of the oldest cultivated plants, and can be used in many different aspects of daily life. Industrial hemp is used to produce clothing as well as fuel, foods and medicines. The material is widely applicable. Aside from CBD, industrial hemp contains many substances – most recently 500 have been counted. Industrial hemp contains terpenes, flavnoids and other plants substances including co-called phytocannabinoids, which include cannabidiol (CBD). The most commonly known phytocannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinols (THC), cannabidiols (CBDs), cannabinols (CBNs) and cannabigerols (CBGs). The psychoactive or intoxicating part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabiol, which is only found up to 0,2% inside our products.


According to the Novel Food Regulation, novelty food products can only be marketed and sold once they have passed a specific approval procedure. The mentioned procedure isn’t just lengthy – it’s also highly expensive. The definition of novelty applies to food items that were not used for human consumption before May 15th, 1997, or at least not to a sizeable degree. Although the consumption of the natural healing plant cannabis has a longstanding history, this appears not to be deemed worthy of surpassing the Novel Food Regulation. Novelty foods in this case include foods from other cultures that haven’t been widely spread, as well as foods like exotic fruits, and so-called Designer Foods. CBD products are also counted as novel foods, which is reflected in the nature of the product descriptions and recommendations.


The THC content of CBD products is always a marker for its legality. According to the intoxication law which is in force in Germany, the THC content of CBD products of any kind must remain under the limit of 0,2% for the product to be legally sellable in Germany. Over-the-counter products with a higher CBD content than 0,2% are illegal in Germany. Tom Hemp’s complies with all legal requirements and guidelines, which means all CBD products that can be purchased at Tom Hemp’s are legal according to German law.

So-called terpenes come up pretty often in the context of CBD products. Terpenes are natural, organic compounds and are important elements of large variety of plants, including eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, lemon balm, thyme, as well as cannabis, and contributes to their taste, smell and colour. Cannabis contains a large number of terpenes, also known as cannabis terpenes, that are said to have multiple therapeutic characteristics. In the cannabis flower they are said to increase or affect the effect of the cannabinoids – and thus can influence the entire medicinal purpose. To date, cannabis terpenes have not be largely researched but are most often discussed in the context of medicinal applications. They are counted as an important foundation for plants as well as essential oils, the can be found in perfumes and fragrances, and they are often used in aromatherapy. Tom Hemp’s products only contain such cannabis terpenes that are responsible for the different aromas and scents.


Vaporization designates a type of administration of CBD products. When the substance is inhaled, CBD’s effect can be felt almost instantly, since the CBD arrives in the bloodstream very quickly through the lungs. Hence, the effect of CBD is very fast in this form of use, but after absorption through the lungs the effect also decreases after a few hours. To vaporize CBD you can use CBD-containing cannabis flowers, which are however illegal for this purpose in Germany, as well as CBD liquids. The term vaporize comes from the modern and meanwhile ubiquitously recognised e-cigarette, also known as a vaporizer. It heats up the CBD e-liquid, and the user only needs to inhale. The steam then contains the cannabidiol (CBD), which can be absorbed via the lungs. Tom Hemp’s has a whole subcategory for CBD e-liquids, as well as vaporizers and vape pens. You can find them here.

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