CBD Oil Dosage

When sold as an oil, CBD is often sold in a small bottle with a pipette. Die pipette helps users achieve a very precise dosage of the CBD so that the dosage can be easily monitored. Everybody reacts differently to the same dosage of CBD oil, independent of their weight or gender. For this reason, it’s hard to generalise information about CBD oil dosages.

Even though no notable amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be found in CBD, the exact dosage of CBD should be adjusted to the person consuming it. There are a few general guidelines when it comes to CBD oil dosage which beginners can benefit from. First, the CBD contents should be checked on the bottle.

A beginner is advised to slowly increase their CBD oil dosage slowly. Newbies can also use the formula [CBD in mg] ÷ [bottle size in ml] = [CBD in mg/ml] to regulate their dosage. Generally speaking, each pipette draws in 1ml. A low CBD dosage is 1mg per 4,5 kg body mass. A medium dosage would be 3 mg per 4,5 kg body mass, and a high dosage would be 6 mg per 4,5 kg body mass. As an example, a woman with 79 kg body mass is looking for a medium dosage.

First, we divide the body mass of 79 kg by 4,5 kg, to determine how the factor of 4,5 fits into the total weight. In this case, it’s 17,5. This number is then multiplied by 3 (medium CBD dosage). The result is a CBD oil dosage of 52 mg per day. If the consumer notices no relief in their symptoms or just a very small relief, they can always think about increasing their CBD dosage.

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