CBD Experiences

The internet is full of personal experience reports by people who have tried CBD. These subjective accounts are mostly based on therapies with CBD oil or tablets. Since hemp products have become legal in Germany, a lot of creative new products have popped up, including CBD bath bombs or aromatherapy with cannabidiol.

And the CBD experiences online are just about as diverse and the range of  CBD products you can buy. Reviewers have made comparisons to the healing plant valerian root, or speak of a pain-reducing and antidepressant effect. Fundamentally speaking, experiences with CBD are subjective – meaning every body reacts differently.

But studies have proven the anti-inflammatory properties of therapeutic treatments with hemp, which can be seen in many of the reports, too. Since cannabidiol supports the body’s own endocannabinoid system and its endocannabinoids, CBD has an effect on a variety of biological processes in the body.

It mainly controls cognitive abilities, how emotions are processed and the perception of pain. This is why people’s experiences with CBD are so varied. You can find helpful CBD experiences and exciting stories all around CBD and Tom Hemp’s on our blog.

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