CBD Weed

Currently, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, can be found in many different products. From CBD oil, creams, crystals, food products and even CBD weed – the product range is huge. But especially CBD flowers are often associated with marijuana, which is illegal in Germany. CBD however isn’t restricted by the German narcotics act. For these reasons, CBD flowers are legal and can be sold freely. On the other hand, THC, the substance that has a psychoactive effect and is contained in illegal marijuana, is forbidden in Germany.

So that CBD flowers can be sold legally, their THC value needs to remain under the legal boundary of 0,2%. Especially when buying CBD weed, it’s important to choose a high quality producer. If you’d like to order CBD flowers, you can do so easily and safely at Tom Hemp’s online shop. The industrial hemp that CBD Weed is made from, is EU-certified and free from pesticides and herbicides. The cannabis types that are used to produced from have a high percentage of cannabidiol, and a very low THC content.

CBD weed is also often referred to as aroma flowers, as the flowers are especially good to make hemp flower tea. But the substance can also be used as external application for dry or irritated skin due to the inflammation-reducing properties of cannabidiol. Since CBD weed is a natural product, no unwanted side effects can be expected.

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