CBD Legality

There are clear guidelines and laws concerning the subject of legality of CBD, which determine whether CBD is legal in Germany. Although the spreading of CBD is steadily increasing and CBD products are slowly being integrated by the masses, many consumers are unsure and ask themselves whether CBD is legal in Germany.

This is mainly due to the fact that CBD is gained from the industrial hemp plant – which most people associate first and foremost with cannabis and illegality. In contrast to THC, however, cannabidiol (CBD) does not fall under jurisdiction of the German intoxication law. For this reason, CBD can be legally purchased in Germany.

What is important to pay attention to, however, is that the product complies with government regulations. All of Tom Hemp’s products comply with government regulations, and we very strictly follow all laws and guidelines. This means that at Tom Hemp’s both CBD oil is legal, and CBD flowers are legal.

The smoking and consumption of the described flowers however is not legal in Germany. The sale and purchase thereof is permitted for scientific, commercial and technical purposes.
An important limit for the legality of CBD products are their THC contents, which must remain under 0,2% for the CBD oil for example to be legal.

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