CBD Cosmetics

CBD cosmetics are organic cosmetics, which contain the active ingredient cannabidiol. Cosmetics and care-products which contain CBD are becoming more and more popular on the cosmetics market. And there’s good reason for that: medical studies indicate that cannabidiol – CBD for short – might be able to help with skin problems.

Nearly the entire range of cosmetics products available today exists as a CBD version: CBD creams, CBD lotion, shampoo, body oil and many more belong to the assortment of available goods. Aside from the ingredient cannabidiol, CBD creams and lotions also contain the necessary ingredients to give the cosmetic product the necessary consistency, look and pleasant scent. Like all cannabinoids, the useful and legal ingredient CBD is a waterproof and oil-receptive substance.

This means it dissolves easily in oils and fats. This is a reason why CBD cosmetics combine so well with human skin and can be easily absorbed into the human metabolism. When buying CBD cosmetics, it’s important to pay attention to the active ingredients the product contains. Ideally, the product should be based on natural substances. Since CBD cosmetics, such as most CBD creams, have demonstrated an ideal pH value, CBD cosmetic products are generally suited for all skin types.

Tom Hemp’s sells a CBD cream – The Day Cream, as well as The Body Lotion and different body oils in their product range. You can find out more about each product in the individual product’s description.

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