Tom Hemp's

The Day Cream


50g ( 59,80€ / 100ml)

A face cream with CBD? Hell yeah! Our face cream combines high quality ingredients, making it a top drawer skin care product. Want to find out more? Well… CBD is our mission!

Are you looking for an ideal skin care product for your face? How about a CBD face cream? Tom Hemp’s The Day Cream contains further natural, enriching ingredients. Natural hemp seed oil combines with nourishing hemp seed oil as well as aloe vera and almond oil, making this a facial care product with high quality ingredients, caring and effective extracts. The combination of hemp seed oil and CBD cares for the skin from the inside, makes it soft and supple and works as a natural protection from moisture loss. Furthermore, the ingredients aloe vera and almond oil create an all-round protector and their anti-inflammatory properties create an overall healthy skin. Our nourishing, moisturising face cream is suitable for daily use and all skin types. The synergies between hemp seed oil and CBD, aloe vera as well as olive and almond oil create a beautiful moisturising effect for the skin, as well as regeneration and softness.

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