CBD Shop

A CBD shop offers goods and products based on the cannabis plant and its non-psychoactive substance cannabidiol (CBD for short). CBD shops are legal in Germany, and shops with high quality standards sell a wide variety of products with CBD. But only few retailers have a CBD shop in the retail trade, as hemp products are most commonly sold online.

Serious retailers openly share the origin, cultivation and methods of production of their cannabis products, since especially in Germany the cannabis plant still suffers from a negative image. But with a growing number of CBD shops, society at large is beginning to find greater acceptance of this plant. And this is for a good reason, too: the hemp plant has a broad range of uses and effectiveness.

CBD shops sell CBD liquids, CBD flowers or CBD extracts. Some beauty products can also be purchased in CBD shops, since CBD’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect have taken hold of the cosmetics industry, too. Tom Hemp’s CBD shop has an exclusive and multi-faceted range of products that originate from the cannabis plant.

The most popular product is still CBD oil. Its universal and simple use make it a real all-rounder. If you’re looking for an ideal CBD product, you can either visit a Tom Hemp’s shop in person, or comfortably order from our Online-Shop and have your purchase delivered straight to your home.

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