CBD Extract

CBD extract can be extracted through several methods. One of them is CO2 extraction. This specific type of cannabidiol extraction is environmentally friendly and achieves a very pure end product. During CO2 extraction, the substance is released from the plant material through carbon dioxide.

In the alternative method of dry-sieving, the extract is separated from the remaining product through very fine sieves. However, the final product is not a real CBD extract, as its concentration rate is much lower, and it contains a large quality of other residues from the hemp plant.

The third method, called water filtration, involves filtering the raw material through a special filtering system with high water pressure, which separates the required active substances from the rest of the plant. Finally, the gained product is dried before it can be processed further. The fourth official method to produce CBD extract is to release the CBD extract through alcohol.

This procedure leads to very good results – just like CO2 extraction. But the release through alcohol is financially less viable for the creation of CBD extract. At Tom Hemp’s, our extracts are won through CO2 extraction. Experts and lovers of CBD oil most often choose full-spectrum CBD extracts.

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