CBD Patch

If you want to benefit from the positive effects of CBD, you can use capsules, oils and the like. However, CBD patches are much more comfortable and effective. These are applied to the skin like ordinary wound plasters. However, they are not quite so ordinary.

CBD patches contain cannabidiol and work transdermally. Means they release the active ingredient through the skin, so that it is absorbed directly by the bloodstream. This has several advantages.

Most important: The bioavailability of CBD through patches is enormously high; up to ten times higher than when taken orally. Jackpot, baby! Because with CBD patches, the CBD is absorbed by the body much more effectively than is the case with other forms of ingestion. For comparison: While the bioavailability of CBD oil is usually a maximum of 50%, CBD patches shine with unbeatable 90%. After all, the active ingredient does not have to go through the digestive tract first, but gets directly into the blood through the skin.

Another advantage of CBD patches is their long and consistent mode of action. The controlled release of the active ingredient takes place over a period of 8 to 36 hours, depending on the patch. The CBD release can be triggered either by the body’s own heat or by specially developed membranes in the patch.

CBD patches are used especially in pain therapy. Their local effect helps with muscle and joint complaints. In addition, CBD is considered analgesic and anti-inflammatory. But the patches also contribute to general relaxation, stress reduction and promotion of well-being. Common CBD patches usually contain 15 mg of cannabidiol. If you choose the extra-strong version, it can even contain 30 mg. You do not have to fear a high feeling, as it is said to THC. In general, side effects of CBD patches are rather unlikely. CBD patches are intended for single use. If the active ingredient has completely leaked out, the patch must be disposed of or replaced. Against this background, it makes sense to use waterproof patches right from the start. Sweating and showering? No problem at all.

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