Vaporization/Vaping/Vaporising (Evaporation/Steaming)

Vaporization designates a type of administration of CBD products. When the substance is inhaled, CBD’s effect can be felt almost instantly, since the CBD arrives in the bloodstream very quickly through the lungs.

Hence, the effect of CBD is very fast in this form of use, but after absorption through the lungs the effect also decreases after a few hours.

To vaporize CBD you can use CBD-containing cannabis flowers, which are however illegal for this purpose in Germany, as well as CBD liquids.

The term vaporize comes from the modern and meanwhile ubiquitously recognised e-cigarette, also known as a vaporizer. It heats up the CBD e-liquid, and the user only needs to inhale.

The steam then contains the cannabidiol (CBD), which can be absorbed via the lungs. Tom Hemp’s has a whole subcategory for CBD e-liquids, as well as vaporizers and vape pens.

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