Hemp usage

Hemp is one of the oldest crop plants worldwide. It doesn’t require much energy to grow and is very resistant, which is why it is very popular and used in various areas. Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) can be used for its seeds as well as its fibers. The latter is often used for clothing.

Hemp textiles absorb up to 95% of UV rays, they stay intact for longer than synthetic fibers and can regulate temperature. An ideal use for hemp in clothing is the production of thermal clothing, for instance. Since hemp has returned to the food industry, it has been hyped as a superfood for a whole number of reasons: it contains lots of antioxidants, vitamin-e and the b-vitamins.

Hemp may also be used for detoxification or to stimulate the metabolism. The fatty acids support the reduction of unhealthy fat within the body. So, basically, hemp isn’t only beneficial when it comes to detox, but helps the removal of fat. There is also a lot of hemp protein to be found in many foods. For example, there are juices, smoothies and protein shakes that are getting enhanced by adding hemp protein, as are breads and other baked goods.

In addition to this raw use of hemp, the extraction of its oilhemp oil – is very popular. The oil doesn’t contain any psychoactive substances and is rich in protein as well as omega 3- and omega 6-fatty acids. There are many uses for hemp oil, for example in salad dressings, several food toppings or in beverages.

In industrial usage, hemp oil is often used as the base for CBD oil. In our article about CBD oils you can find out more about them. Tom Hemp’s only uses EU-certified industrial hemp for all CBD and hemp products that are sold. The cultivation and production are rigorously regulated. At Tom Hemp’s you will find your individual, high-quality hemp or CBD product.

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