Entourage effect

If you are an avid CBD user, you might have come across the term ‘entourage effect’. But what does it mean, and how may the intake of CBD oil, CBD flowers or CBD crystals trigger it? ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’ was one of Aristotle’s most famous statements, and it really fits this topic. We’ll quickly explain to you why that is:

In the 1960s, the Israeli scientists Raphael Mechoulam and Yehiel Gaoni discovered that THC was the most important psychedelic compound found in cannabis plants as well as the cause for what we know as the ‘high’. However, after more years of research, it was found that THC was only in part responsible for this effect.

More compounds were suspected to be part of this effect, and they came up with the idea of the entourage effect. In this context, researchers also found out about the endocannabinoid system. The entourage effect is still very controversial, though: some are convinced of the effect and its impact, others strongly deny its existence. The state of research constantly changes, as studies on the effect are continually running.

The entourage effect theory says that the many active compounds found in the cannabis plant melt to a synergy and mutually support themselves. As a result, the effects of the individual parts are strengthened and can impact the body more intensely than they could on their own – this is where Aristotle fits in.

The cannabis plant has over 600 chemical bonds, out of which 120 are various cannabinoids as well as many terpenes, flavonoids, etc. That’s why it is often said that full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils work better: as they have all or most of the mentioned compounds of the cannabis plant, they are said to bring about the full entourage effect. Since full spectrum CBD also contains THC, its entourage effect is suspected to be stronger than the one you will have by using broad spectrum CBD.

Check out this article for more information on the differences between the different CBD types.

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