CBD pills

CBD pills are yet another delivery form which is often talked about online in the CBD cosmos. Buying those in Germany is a rather tricky, if not impossible, mission, though. Why that is? The novel food regulation says that CBD is currently not allowed as a food or food supplement in Germany.

Also, pills are understood as medicine, and CBD is not considered such before German law either. In spite of those hurdles, we have some information on CBD pills for you. What even are CBD pills? Well, you shouldn’t confuse them with CBD capsules.

The capsules are just CBD oil which is held together in a capsule. CBD pills on the other hand are active agents of the cannabis plant pressed into a pill. Usually it consists of leaves and flowers containing CBD. Another way to produce CBD pills is to freeze-dry CBD juice.

How quick, and how long do CBD pills have an effect? As opposed to CBD oil, CBD pills are swallowed. As a result, the uptake of the ingredients does not happen via the mucous membranes, but via the stomach. Only there, the CBD will get into the blood stream.

This affects the beginning and duration of the overall effect: the effect may begin after 20 minutes, but maybe only after two hours. This depends on your sex, weight, metabolism, time of intake, amongst others. These factors also affect the duration of the effect.

In addition to their debated legitimacy, there are some other important points to consider before consuming CBD pills. This includes quality characteristics such as active substance concentration and content, ingredients, vendors, origin or manufacturing method.

Although the pills are not being sold in Germany, they can be bought in other countries. If you should ever come across these pills, try to make sure to get the correct disclosure on the cannabidiol content and concentration. Also, the factors of origin and manufacturing method should not be overlooked either, as they have a major impact on the quality of the pills as well.

If the information is communicated as transparently as possible, you can expect a better quality. Also, the price can indicate high or low quality: where the raw material is from and how the supply chains work can usually be measured according to the pricing.

When it comes to quality, Germany is one of the countries that take a closer look at standards, especially in the areas of food and medicine. So, if at any point in the future CBD pills can be produced and sold in Germany, you can expect appropriate quality.

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