CBD Spray

Another very popular CBD delivery form is CBD spray. Not sure what it is, how it is used, or what its advantages are? Well, let’s start with the most important: CBD sprays contain the same, natural compounds that are also found in CBD oil. They don’t lack in cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids, which means that they may cause an increase of the CBD’s effect, also called the entourage effect.

A major difference between CBD spray and oil is actually a matter of hygiene: using a spray nozzle prevents opening the bottle, which always entails a risk of absorbing bacterias or other unwanted organisms. Using a spray also prevents you from knocking it over and spilling the CBD oil.

Another advantage of using CBD spray is that you can evenly distribute the oil in oral or nasal area. Its small particles settle on mucous membranes, by which they ensure a precise and high dose of the substances. If you’re using CBD spray, you can always be sure that you take the exact same amount, which is why it is especially advisable for CBD beginners, or those, that have difficulties dosing CBD oil correctly.

Using CBD spray will almost have an immediate effect on you. That is because the CBD directly gets to the mucous membranes, which are close to the brain and central nervous system. The absorption and transfer is a quick matter, so that the desired final result can occur just as quickly. For this to happen, you should keep the CBD in your mouth for about 30 to 60 seconds. You don’t necessarily have to rinse with water, but if you’re not a fan of the earthy taste, you might want to rinse after.

No matter if psychological or physical, there are quite a few contexts, in which cannabidiol is said to have a therapeutic purpose. CBD spray kind of has a special position in this: by using it orally and distributing it extensively, you can even fight gum problems. In general, the use of CBD spray can be beneficial to your dental area, even if you don’t have pains there.

CBD has different features that are of advantage to our inner health, as it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and regulates our sensation of pain. So, the liquid gold offers the best perquisites to act prophylactically on potential inconveniences in the dental area. However, if you actually suffer from acute and severe pain, you should definitely see a dentist, as CBD does not replace medication or necessary treatment. In this case, you should only use it as adjunctive therapy.

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