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Your last-minute CBD Christmas Shopping Guide 2023

OIL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU – THE LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GUIDE  We know what Mariah Carey wants for Xmas, but this is about what you want to give. Life happens. Our minds are still on summer, which passed us by like a bullet train with no boarding option, but down jackets and [...]
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6 Tips before you buy CBD oil

CBD products are already part of everyday life for many people. Be it to sleep better at night, to treat chronic pain or just to relax after a hard day at work. We at Tom Hemp’s are of course happy about the growing popularity and demand. However, you shouldn’t blindly grab the first CBD product [...]
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CBD Oils – The big hype

A look into the big, wide universe of CBD CBD here, CBD there. The trend around these three letters is bigger than ever and is practically flooding the market with its wide availability of offers and products. From oil to tea to the beauty world – it seems the whole spectrum is on to the [...]
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CBD Coffee and CBD Tea

How CBD coffee and tea could change the world — or just your morning Let’s face it, hemp and CBD tea aren’t exactly the latest trend the CBD cosmos has on offer. But how much do you really know about this power combo? How about a little refresher? And what does CBD in coffee really [...]
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Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin: Happy Sweaty Love

Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin: Happy Sweaty Love   The temperatures are rising, the pandemic restrictions are reduced: summer is in full swing. And now, just in time, there’s a new edition of Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin called “Happy Sweaty Love”. Like with earlier events, you can register here beforehand, and then [...]
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CBD lube – The special something for your lovelife

Lubricant with CBD? Admittedly I had a little chuckle when I first heard about this too. In the meantime I’ve tried out quite a few natural products with CBD, but I hadn’t previously associated the calming and balancing character of CBD with my sex life. But, the motto “relax for better sex” has made me [...]
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Frau mit Sonnenbrille, Handtuch auf dem Kopf und Tom Hemp's CBD Badekugel in gelb

Me-Time with CBD Bathbombs

Celebrate “me time” with CBD bath bombs Turn your everyday body care routine into an enjoyable wellness moment. CBD bath bombs are more than just foam and bubbles for your bathtub, they have a powerful soothing effect on your body and mind, too. Combined with nourishing ingredients and essential oils, this bubble bath essential will [...]
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Skincare With Cbd To Optimise Your Skincare Routine!

Skincare and Bodycare with CBD to optimise your beauty routine

Skincare and Bodycare with CBD Cannabidiol is used for more and more purposes outside its initial use, pain management. In fact, the beauty industry is experiencing a real hype around this ingredient. As a cream, gel, oil, lotion or balm, CBD products can help for some health and beauty issues. Turns out that CBD, which [...]
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Discover The Spirit Of Christmas With Tom Hemp's

Discover the spirit of Christmas with Tom Hemp’s

Discover the spirit of Christmas with Tom Hemp’s The most magical time of the year is approaching, and surely you will already be listening to Christmas carols in your mind, yes you were right, Christmas! Since they not only indicate that the end of this disastrous year is approaching, but they are also the perfect [...]
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