CBD lube – The special something for your lovelife

Lubricant with CBD? Admittedly I had a little chuckle when I first heard about this too. In the meantime I’ve tried out quite a few natural products with CBD, but I hadn’t previously associated the calming and balancing character of CBD with my sex life. But, the motto “relax for better sex” has made me all the wiser. Find out how and why the whole thing actually works extremely well and why you should definitely give lube with CBD a try in this article.

What’s the point of using CBD Lube?

You’ve likely already heard about cannabidiol, CBD for short. The ingredient sourced from the cannabis plant has been sold in the form of creams and lotions for a while now. In contrast to THC, CBD is not psychoactive, which means it doesn’t result in a classic “high” feeling. Instead, cannabidiol has a number of positive aspects that the body can benefit from.

It’s anti-inflammatory, can regulate stress and help with chronic pain. As you’ve probably already guessed, personal lubricant with CBD has significant advantages, too. As it’s used directly on mucous membrane, the cannabidiol and its cannabinoids can be directly absorbed by the body. This results in a variety of effects:

  • Increased arousal

    Studies have shown a direct link between women’s endocannabinoid values and arousal. That means that through CBD lube you might get “in the mood” sooner since the CBD works on the endocannabinoid system and stimulates the body’s own cannabinoids.

  • Blood vessels dilate

    Cannabidiol has shown in studies that it can enhance dilation of the blood vessels and add blood circulation to areas it’s used in. That means it has an effect of increasing vessels. And…

  • Heightened sensitivity

    Exactly! More dilated vessels and increased blood flow lead to higher sensitivity in areas the CBD is applied on. In a very good way…!

  • Calming effect

    People that suffer from stress, chronic pain and the consequences of sexual trauma can benefit hugely from the calming effects of CBD. It is soothing for anxiety and has a muscle relaxing effect.

  • Relaxation

    I think I probably don’t need to point out that the most important sexual organ is the brain. Well, the good news is that cannabidiol leads to both physical and mental relaxation. And the muscle relaxation is followed by better blood flow which (thanks to increase dilation of blood vessels) leads to more arousal. A real win-win situation!

Lube with CBD: how does it work?

The numerous benefits that using a lubricant with CBD has lead back to the endocannabinoid system. This system controls almost all biological processes in the body, which as stress management and pain. The CBD interacts with this complex network or chemicals, receptors and enzymes and supports the body’s own endocannabinoids.

On the other hand this process leads to the bodily functions being supported by the cannabidiol, which also fuels them. The result? The body benefits in many different processes. And of course the way we handle stress directly or indirectly is also tied to our love life.

Benefiting from CBD: but why with lube?

The vulva’s outer labia are full of cannabinoid receptors. This makes it especially for females to absorb cannabidiol in form of a lubricant. This also means that vulvas can absorb CBD better than penises. Nonetheless, the penis also has a large number of receptors that allow for direct absorption into the surrounding tissue.

CBD leads to higher blood flow and can lead to an increased production of vaginal fluid. That means not only is the sensitivity of the vaginal interior walls increase, but CBD lube can lead to better sex and more intense orgasms.

More desire with CBD lube

Many people report that their sexual appetite and “getting in the mood” generally increases when they use cannabis products, because they help us overcome inhibitions and feel less nervous. But at the same time there are reports that describe that cannabis (in particular products containing THC) can increase anxiety.

But the bedroom is no place for fears. That’s why choosing a lube with CBD is the right choice. The cannabinoids that are absorbed directly by the skin when you apply CBD lube don’t enter the bloodstream and help you enjoy a relaxed moment without leading to anxiety or a “high” sensation. The gel works only where it’s supposed to.

And of course Tom Hemp’s wants to make your sex life even better. The CBD Lubricant has moisturizing avocado and lets you slip and slide with ease thanks to hempseed- and sunflower oils. And here’s a fact that’s good to know: The Lubricant can be used together with condoms and has no impact on their safety. So bookmark it and start getting excited: Tom Hemp’s upgrade for your sex life is on its way!

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