Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin: Happy Sweaty Love

An article by Dahlia Owusu

Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin: Happy Sweaty Love


The temperatures are rising, the pandemic restrictions are reduced: summer is in full swing. And now, just in time, there’s a new edition of Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin called “Happy Sweaty Love”. Like with earlier events, you can register here beforehand, and then it’s easy to participate via livestream from wherever you are.

After the previous events with Hotpod Yoga Berlin, this type of yoga flow for body and soul has already been shown to be incredibly effective. But it’s also how you treat your body after sessions like these that shouldn’t be neglected – and that’s exactly where Tom Hemp’s Body Lotion comes in.


Happy Sweat(y) Love


We have known about the positive aspects of sweat for a long time – it’s not without reason that the Finnish sauna culture was officially recognised on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2020.

Sweating has many benefits. For example, it facilitates relaxation and promotes health. In fact, sweating boosts blood circulation and thus revs up our cardiovascular system. Mixing yoga and sweating is therefore a very good combination when you want to do something good for your body.

We actually sweat out of self-protection. When our body temperature gets too high, the sweat glands kick in to keep us cool. This is the only way we are able to withstand longer exertion or higher temperatures. Aside from water and minerals, we also sweat out other substances, including various acids like citric or acetic acid.

There are also regions of the body, such as the armpits, where so-called apocrine sweat glands sweat out another fluid containing proteins and lipids (fatty acids). Both proteins and lipids are important for healthy skin due to their protective function.

As a result of the positive effect of lipids, it’s often suggested to avoid showering away sweat right after a sports session, and to instead simply let it “soak in”. Unfortunately, people forget that lipids are only secreted in certain areas. To ensure that the skin receives the right care after a workout, it is better to use the right body lotion.


After Showering: Body Lotion


Dermatologists often point out that showering too regularly can have a negative effect on our skin. Above all, our natural protective layer of acid is weakened by too much shower gel, making our skin more sensitive. Even too much water by itself can have a negative effect. After an extended period of time, it can strip the skin of its oils and dry it out.

However, since it’s almost impossible to avoid taking a shower after a sports session or on a hot summer’s day, we can at least pay attention to what we are feeding our skin. Here, the motto is the same: Less is more.

In addition to choosing the right product in the shower, the choice afterwards is also important. Body lotion protects our skin from drying out and helps to rebuild a healthy protective layer.

Of course, it goes without saying that your skin type also has a lot to do with the care you need. “Normal” skin is a lot tougher than dry or sensitive skin. For the latter skin types, it is especially important to choose a highly moisturising or moisture-rich product. This can help ensure a long-lasting effect and supple skin. But even people with normal and oily skin may choose heavier products for areas that tend to be very dry, such as elbows or knees.

It’s also important to note that the time for showering and applying lotion should also be considered. Our bodies not only sweat while we are exerting ourselves, but can also “sweat” afterwards until they have cooled down completely. To make sure that you don’t start sweating again straight after the shower and waste your body care efforts, it makes sense to wait until you have cooled down before showering.


The Body Lotion


Featuring CBD and hemp seed oil, The Body Lotion by Tom Hemp’s goes beyond the aforementioned requirements in terms of body care and moisturising. These two ingredients, as well as the base of aloe vera and shea butter, provide an incomparably soft feeling for your skin.

Hemp seed oil contains linoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that cannot be produced by the body itself. It’s an important component of the top layer of skin as it acts as a barrier and can thus protect the moisture balance.

Linoleic acid also has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore well suited for soreness or inflammation too.

As an extract of hemp, CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect. The addition of CBD makes sense because it provides the positive effects of the components of hemp in a more concentrated form. For example, vitamins and essential amino acids, which also ensure healthy skin, are found in larger quantities in CBD.

Aloe vera can also be used in many areas and has long been known as a medicinal plant. While it’s now also becoming increasingly popular as a food, it has an unbeatable effect on our skin. The gel contained in its leaves is not only anti-inflammatory, but also has antibacterial and healing uses.

As a succulent plant, aloe vera stores a lot of water, which is found in the leaves and therefore in the gel too. As a result, the plant offers a high moisture content as an ingredient of the lotion. It’s especially perfect for summer, as the cool, regenerating effect can help soothe and heal sunburn.

With a fat content of around 50%, shea butter is one of the most popular lubricating products in the entire field of body care. The vitamins and minerals it contains strengthen the skin, and its numerous acids can also work wonders.

By combining these with moisture, the skin becomes soft and smooth. In addition, shea butter has a high proportion of unsaponifiable components. This means that the basic molecules are harder to wash away and therefore moisturise for longer.

With CBD, hemp seed oil, aloe vera and shea butter, The Body Lotion by Tom Hemp’s is an ideal all-rounder. Thanks to this carefully chosen balance of components, it appeals particularly to skin that needs to recover, so it’s perfect as aftercare for a sweaty yoga session.

Although you’re already doing something good for you and your body with Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin CBD Flow, you shouldn’t stop there. Remember to take care of your skin too. On July 29th, 2021, it’s time to sweat, shower – and apply lotion. Happy Sweaty Love!

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