Lauterbach stirs the pot: Cannabis for everyone in 2025!

The latest headlines ought to have caused excitement among friends of the CBD cosmos. German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has publicly supported the legalization of cannabis in Germany. Better said, for the controlled release to adults for consumption purposes. Sound familiar? Sounds familiar to us, too. Back in 2015, the Green Party introduced a bill [...]
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For International Women’s Day: Hemp and women

How Tom Hemp’s is standing up for women in the CBD world Ever heard of the Queen of Hash? No? Then it’s about time! The “Queen of Hash“ Mila Jansen from the Netherlands is considered a true hash icon worldwide. Her achievement: she is the inventor of the first mechanical method to separate the trichomes [...]
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It is time to look back . . . and forward. The sound of 2021.

A short review of the year 2021   While we were eagerly awaiting the turn of the year 2020, full of hope for a bit of a return to the “normality” so defined, we were to learn once again that the only thing we could be certain about was uncertainty. Because even after almost two [...]
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Legal Cannabis in Germany? What’s to come.

Legal Cannabis in Germany? Germany could become the fourth country in the world to legalize cannabis, after Uruguay, Canada and recently Malta. It is important to add that in the United States there are already 18 states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use. We will analyze the new legislation, the requirements to obtain a [...]
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Sex School Hub x Tom Hemp’s: Get into your bubble

Sex School Hub x Tom Hemp’s: Get into your bubble We are thrilled to announce that Tom Hemp’s is collaborating with Sex School. The purpose of Sex School is to generate an open discussion about sex and wellbeing with a panel of industry experts. Considering the events of the last two years, we feel that [...]
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Why is CBD Yin Yoga a must

Why is CBD Yin Yoga a must? – Not Just Yoga x Tom Hemp’s   What are the two most relaxing things you can think of? CBD oil and yoga, of course! THE IDEAL COUPLE. We’ve co-hosted several CBD yoga events with Aleks and Mel of Hotpod Yoga Berlin and are now hosted under their [...]
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Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin: Happy Sweaty Love

Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin: Happy Sweaty Love   The temperatures are rising, the pandemic restrictions are reduced: summer is in full swing. And now, just in time, there’s a new edition of Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin called “Happy Sweaty Love”. Like with earlier events, you can register here beforehand, and then [...]
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