CBD Oils – The big hype

A look into the big, wide universe of CBD

CBD here, CBD there. The trend around these three letters is bigger than ever and is practically flooding the market with its wide availability of offers and products. From oil to tea to the beauty world – it seems the whole spectrum is on to the hype.

There appears to be something for everyone: ever heard of CBD face cream? Or hemp seed oil, or classic CBD oil? But what’s really behind the terms full spectrum and isolate? So many questions, too few answers?

Don’t worry, we got you. Time to go back to basics and take a closer look at CBD. How do the different products work, and which benefits can we derive from them? Today we’re looking at how we can differentiate between the different oils, and how you can get them best out of them for your needs. As we all know: knowledge is power!

What’s CBD oil again?

The evergreen and all-time favourite CBD product is still CBD oil. Only a few drops of this liquid gold promise a lot: whether it’s calming period cramps, a mood-booster for low days, a concentration helper, Mister Sandman for better sleep or positive effect for aches and pains: the multifaceted nature of CBD is almost limitless and justifiably so.

There are countless experience reports online, where young and old consumers talk about how CBD all but changed their lives and was a complete #gamechanger for them.

To understand the whole thing better, it’s best to start from the beginning with the question: what actually is CBD oil? When we talk about CBD oil we’re talking about cannabidiol, one of around 100 different cannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant.

THC, which has a psychoactive effect and creates the well-known “high,” is also a cannabinoid, for example. CBD on the other hand does not have a psychoactive effect but has a host of other highlights: it can be mood-enhancing, antioxidant, work against infections, pain-reducing or even have an antidepressant effect, depending on how it is used.

There are already many studies about this allrounder which is constantly gaining in popularity; making its potentially healing effects more and more known across the world.

Just like with all other CBD products, CBD coffee and tea in Germany are subject to the legal limit of a maximum of 0,2% THC.

Full spectrum CBD oil vs CBD isolate – what the fact?!

Are you interested in CBD oil but haven’t tried it yet because the percentages on the labels are confusing you? You’re not sure whether to give full spectrum oil or CBD isolate a go? And chemistry was never exactly your favourite subject in school? Let me fill you in, it’s easier than you think.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant, whereas a CBD isolate, as the name suggests, only contains isolated CBD (usually in form of CBD crystals), so it’s CBD in its purest form.

The key point here is that no THC is contained at all. In full spectrum CBD oil there can be a THC content up to maximum 0,2%.

Now, it’s often said that this is the “better” choice, since each cannabinoid and terpene can contribute to the so-called “entourage effect,” creating a more holistic effect.

This hasn’t been confirmed by studies so far, but current studies are being undertaken to find out more about this effect. Qualitatively high quality full spectrum CBD oil is significantly more expensive than CBD isolate. Why that’s the case? It offers a wider and more diverse range of ingredients, that also do more.

Furthermore, the production matters here: if it’s done in a way that’s careful and with a good product, the prices also go up. For continuous users, this could be an expensive add-on.

What’s the right one for me?

Let me say it this way: it’s easier to ask than answer this question. But there are some points that might help you in your decision. Full spectrum CBD oil is for those who want to try the “complete” CBD experience and want to benefit from its entire potentially healing effects.

If you decide you want to take it regularly, it should also be noted that CBD from reputable manufacturers contains a maximum of 0,2% THC.

So if you’re working in a job where regular drug screenings take place, or you’re driving a vehicle every day, you might carry the risk of testing positive for THC. If this is the case, it might be more sensible to focus on CBD isolate. Here you’ll also find an effective and affordable CBD product.

CBD Oil – How to

Generally speaking CBD is taken sublingually – meaning you place a few drops under your tongue. This has the benefit that the ingredients are absorbed through the oral mucosa very quickly.

The taste can be earthy, strong and intense, which many would describe as a “typical cannabis taste.” If this taste is too strong, the oil can also be absorbed with food or in your morning smoothie.

In the meantime there are also taste-neutral CBD oils available as well as some with artificial flavouring to make them more attractive to consumers.

How much CBD oil should it be?

Are you scared to end up like Alice in Wonderland who ate a bit too  much cake and ended up far too big? Well, with CBD oil it probably won’t be that bad, but there isn’t really a blanket answer to this.

Overall, trial and error is the best method, and starting slowly is another great way to avoid the “Alice effect.” Start with 5% CBD oil and work your way up to 15%.

Also begin with only a few drops and slowly increase. By the way: it can take 30 to 45 minutes for the effect to take place, so don’t wait for a reaction immediately after you consume CBD.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t feel anything on your first try. Enjoy the CBD Wonderland and listen to your body’s signals. Good things take time: it’s cheesy but it do be true.

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