Your ideal CBD dosage: CBD Oil, CBD Capsules and Co.

The ABC of the world of CBD: Advantages and disadvantages of CBD oil, CBD capsules and Co.

From CBD oils to capsules and crystals – there are so many forms to consume CBD as these days. But this huge selection in the green cosmos doesn’t exactly make things easier for beginners. Which of course makes sense – and made even greater by the fact that the changes in effect of CBD are significant depending on the area of application, dosage and use.

But a closer look quickly reveals which type of CBD suits each person’s individual needs. Let us show you how!

CBD oil is the most popular and best-selling type of cannabidiol in Germany. In this method the CBD is separated from the hemp plant in a Co2 extraction process, and then mixed with a healthy edible oil. Hemp seed oil is used most commonly, but coconut oil or olive oil can be used. The oil helps the body to absorb the CBD dosage better. It is important to take into consideration your weight, age, metabolism and the symptom you wish to treat.


There’s a sometimes huge range in the quality of products available, which is why it’s very important to look out for safety and quality standards when you choose a manufacturer to buy from. Tom Hemp’s only uses EU-certified industrial hemp when manufacturing CBD oils, making their products #cleanCBD.

You should also look out for the CBD dosage: depending on the producer and price, these small bottles contain different amounts of cannabidiol inside them. Have a quick look at the label to check this. A key benefit of CBD drops is the easy application – making it an ideal form for those looking to consume it regularly.

Below is an indicative table of the amount of dosage according to your weight:

Weight Group
Recommended dosage for:

Mild Effects

Moderate Effects

Strong Effects

Light (< 58 kg)11 mg or less12 mg – 14 mg15 mg – 17 mg
Medium (58kg – 100kg)18 mg or less19 mg – 23 mg24 mg – 27 mg
Heavy (> 100 kg)23 mg or less24 mg – 30 mg31 mg – 45 mg

And another according to the pain you may feel:

Weight Group
Pain< 68 Kg68 kg to 100kg> 100kg
Mild9 – 12 mg12 – 18 mg22.5 mg
Medium12 – 15 mg15 – 22.5 mg30 mg
Severe15 -18 mg27 – 45 mg45 mg

The antioxidant effect of CBD makes it a great nutritional supplement. Nice fact: CBD oil by Tom Hemp’s is suitable for a plant-based diet. Want to find out more about how to dose CBD oil? Check this out: CBD Oils – the big hype.

CBD Capsules

Choosing CBD capsules is great for a precise CBD dosage. People who are out and about a lot, don’t like the nutty flavour of hempseed oil, or are going on vacation can find a flexible solution in CBD capsules. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, it’s important to look out for the coating of the capsules, which in some cases aren’t completely plant-based (look out for gelatine).

Compared to the CBD oil, the effect takes place a little later here, since the ingredients are absorbed in the stomach. If you have problems swallowing pills, you can easily go for other CBD dosage techniques. When taking CBD capsules, always make sure to drink plenty of water. Gotta stay hydrated, right!

CBD Flowers

This is the most natural form of cannabidiol, since CBD flowers are an untreated natural product. CBD flowers or blossoms are also sold as aroma blossoms sometimes. The flowers are legal in Germany so long as they don’t contain more than 0,2% THC. A big advantage here is that the effect of CBD takes place immediately after inhalation.

The best dosage happens by using a vaporizer, which uses steam and doesn’t damage the lungs. This form is ideal for people who are fascinated with CBD and maybe want to try creating their own blends.

CBD crystals

CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD. The ingredient cannabidiol is isolated here and sold without being diluted first. This is great for people who suffer from chronic pain and want to try and continuous treatment with CBD – in this form, the value for money works out best for most people.

CBD crystals can also be used to make your own CBD oil, allowing people to have full control over the dosage of CBD. If you’re already experienced with CBD and have been in the game for a while, CBD crystals could be for you, since the dosage is really up to you here.

CBD creams

There are more and more cosmetics available in drugstores and pharmacies that contain CBD as CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect can be helpful for skin diseases and irritations. Furthermore, CBD has as good as no side effects when used externally, so it can be used as a massage oil or day cream for sensitive skin, too.

It’s worth noting that some cosmetic products that claim to have CBD as an ingredient in fact have very little, so it’s worth looking at the label. The very small dosage of CBD that they might have will barely have an effect.

Overall, the CBD scene is very creative and new products are being brought to market all the time. On the more exotic side of the spectrum: there are even CBD bath bombs and suppositories available. In the end, everyone needs to decide for themselves which form of CBD suits them best, and use some trial and error. The diverse positive effects of CBD remain, no matter which form it’s taken in, as long as the products are high quality.

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