6 Tips before you buy CBD oil

CBD products are already part of everyday life for many people. Be it to sleep better at night, to treat chronic pain or just to relax after a hard day at work.

We at Tom Hemp’s are of course happy about the growing popularity and demand. However, you shouldn’t blindly grab the first CBD product that comes along. Neither as a beginner nor as an experienced CBD professional. We explain how you can recognize high-quality CBD oil and give useful tips for your next purchase.

What can you use CBD oil for?

CBD oil is what is probably best described in everyday language as a multi-talent. The product is versatile and convinces with numerous positive properties.

CBD oil is often used to calm down. According to various testimonials, the oil has a relaxing effect. It reduces stress and helps to focus on oneself and one’s own needs.

At the same time, CBD oil can be anxiety-relieving and help against panic attacks. The reason for this is the interaction of CBD with the receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system. This sometimes controls well-being, emotional mood and energy.

CBD oil is also a popular aid against pain. Be it due to menstruation, in the course of a migraine attack or chronic ailments. CBD is said to have a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.

If you want to benefit from the positive properties of CBD oil, Tom Hemp’s is the right place for you. In our wide range of products, you are sure to find what you are looking for. We tell you what is important when choosing.

Tip 1: Consider the origin of the CBD oil

CBD is not just a trend, but a lifestyle – worldwide. To be sure that the CBD oil of your choice comes from a safe production, you should always pay attention to its origin.

Since the hemp plant is a bioaccumulator, it pulls not only nutrients but also heavy metals and toxins from the soil. If you choose hemp grown in Europe, you usually don’t have to worry about contaminated material. Also, look for certified commercial hemp cultivation.

Tip 2: Prefer a CO² extraction

CBD oil is a natural product. However, it does not occur in direct form in the hemp plant. Instead, the oil must first be extracted in a complex process. Which process is used has an influence on the quality of the CBD oil.

If the manufacturer relies on extraction with solvents, it saves costs. However, solvent residues in the CBD oil can be the result. Therefore, always prefer to choose a CBD oil from a CO² extraction.

Carbon dioxide is used in the CO² extraction. This acts against pollutants, but is gentle to the sensitive and valuable plant substances. In the end, you get a pure CBD oil without harmful residues.

Tip 3: Choose a full spectrum CBD oil

If you want the maximum CBD experience, you should definitely choose a full-spectrum CBD oil. This contains not only pure CBD, but also other cannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids. THC is also present in small amounts.

The advantage of full-spectrum CBD oil is that all the plant components present form a synergy that triggers the so-called entourage effect. The CBD oil is much more effective compared to pure CBD isolate and opens up even more possibilities for you.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the THC content & CBD content

Yes, a full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC – the intoxicating substance of the hemp plant. However, the maximum allowable amount of THC in CBD products in Germany is set by law. A CBD oil may not contain more than 0.2% THC. This is regulated by the German Medicinal Products Act.

So make sure that this THC value is not exceeded in your selection. You should also keep an eye on the CBD content of the CBD oil. At Tom Hemp’s, for example, you can find full-spectrum CBD oil with 5% CBD concentration – easy for beginners. But also full spectrum CBD oil with 12% CBD content can end up in your shopping basket.

Important to mention at this point: CBD oil does not cause intoxication. You will also not become physically dependent on it. Nevertheless, you should choose a product that suits your needs. Feel your way slowly, especially as a beginner, and test out what is good for you, your body and your mind.

Tipp 5: Auf Qualitätskontrolle Wert legen

We and you can safely do without pesticides, fungi and foreign bodies in CBD oil! Therefore, a certified manufacturing process and constant quality controls are a must.

Tom Hemp’s quality standards are high. Our commercial hemp plants are cultivated on European soil. CO² extraction is on the agenda. This way we can offer you high quality CBD products that convince all along the line.

Tip 6: Follow CBD customer experiences

Are you wondering which CBD oil is the right one to start with? Or would you like to gain new experience with a new product? The range of CBD products and CBD oils is constantly growing. So it’s not an easy task to decide with all the choices.

In this case, it is helpful to rely on customer experiences and customer reviews. Orient yourself on the purpose for which the CBD oil was used and whether it could meet the expectations.

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What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of many cannabinoids found in the female hemp plant. Unlike THC, cannabidiol is not psychoactive. Rather, the plant substance is said to have a calming effect.

Is it legal to buy CBD products in Germany?

CBD products are freely saleable in Germany if their THC content is below 0.2%. Of course, we at Tom Hemp’s strictly adhere to this limit.

Can I use CBD oil on a daily basis?

CBD oil is suitable for daily use. Since the THC content in our Tom Hemp’s CBD products is reduced to the legal maximum, you don’t have to fear intoxication or physical dependence.

What is the best CBD oil?

For the maximum CBD experience, a full-spectrum CBD oil is advisable. As a beginner, you should first choose a product with a low CBD content. The more experience you gain, the higher the CBD concentration in CBD oil can be.

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