Tomhemps Mary Jane 2023


Mary Jane is Germany’s biggest cannabis fair and for the fourth time in a row we were in the middle of it as the main sponsor instead of just being there. More than 300 national and international exhibitors and everybody who is anybody in the world of cannabis met in the middle of Berlin. For three days, the spotlight was on flowers, beauty products and CBD oils, as well as accessories for home cultivation and all other things imaginable around hemp. The topic of legalisation in Germany was most likely not uninvolved in the unprecedented rush of around 30,000 visitors. Congress programme, live acts on the banks of the river Spree and spinning the wheel… or rather having it spun.


Tomhemps Mary Jane 2023Mary Jane took place in Berlin’s Arena for the first time in 2016 and has since become one of the leading cannabis fairs in Europe. So far, the focus has been on everything about CBD. That’s why we are more than just a “match” for one night. If you did not find us being present in person at the Tom Hemp’s stand, we were most likely at the festival between the exhibitor hall and Hoppetosse.

Because we didn’t just want to present our wellbeing, beauty, food products and smoking accessories, we had a selection of our favourite things to give away after spinning the wheel of fortune. And those who didn’t have enough of us could find out all about our flowers and CBD-products at the stand. For us, that remains the best part of every trade fair anyway: Meeting you.
Tomhemp's Mary Jane Legalization 2023


But of course, it was also not to be missed out on learning everything not yet known about the green power ranger. During the congress, experts discussed and informed about current developments and findings in medicine, gave insights into the latest business trends and predicted future scenarios about cannabis clubs in Germany.

In between, the question about the status of legislation in Germany was repeatedly heard, so not surprisingly, the topic was analysed under the most diverse aspects. After the parliamentary summer break, the best-case scenario is a countdown for the draft law, because then it will be presented to the public. After the hearings, it needs the approval of the German Parliament and so the cannabis law could still be passed by the end of this year, as originally planned.

The prospect that THC will possibly be legally adapted, as announced in April by Federal Health Minister Prof. Dr. Lauterbach, spread a kind of euphoria and disappointment in equal measures among exhibitors and consumers alike. Because the law for now more than likely will be heavily regulated and free sale will not be of any relevance in the first step.


And so, for the time being, everything continues to revolve around CBD, not just for us. CBD is our mission. And we love(d) sharing it with you at Mary Jane. See you next year… And if you miss us until then, you know where to find us.

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