Tom Hemp's

CBD Extract Gift Set


The Tom Hemp’s CBD Extract Gift Set is for real fans! “Stardust Crystal Isolate” by Tom Hemp’s meets “Moonrock” and CBD Liquid Extract – the whole energy of the stars comes together in this package. “Stardust Crystal Isolate” by Tom Hemp’s contains hemp extract, which has a transcendental purity of 99,8%. The natural extract is subject to a technical procedure which eliminates all impurities from the base material. The second item in the set “Moonrock” by Tom Hemp’s, is made from EU certified industrial hemp and EU certified extracts, and contains the whole cannabinoid spectrum: terpenes, flavonoids, CBD and CBDa. Moonrocks are CBD flowers that are steeped in CBD liquid extract and are then dusted in CBD pollinate, to achieve a higher CBD content. The third object is “Liquid Extract” by Tom Hemp’s: a full spectrum hemp extract which has a 70% content of CBD. If this set isn’t out of this world we don’t know what is!

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