Flower Facts: How CBD flowers find their way to you

The hemp plant is the oldest known useful plant in the world. Their popularity is due in part to their diversity. After all, hemp is no longer only used in the textile and rope industry, but increasingly also in the cosmetics, wellness and well-being industry. Hemp, a real jack of all trades!

We at Tom Hemp’s also love and live the lifestyle that is established around hemp and its natural ingredient CBD. In our store you will find a large selection of varied CBD products that would not exist without the hemp plant. The best example: our diverse CBD flowers. But where do they come from?

Where CBD flowers come from and what makes them tick?

CBD flowers are the buds of the hemp plant. There are over 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, of which the pyschoactive THC and the non-intoxicating CBD are among the best known.

Which cannabinoid is present in which concentration is genetically predetermined depending on the plant variety. The commercial hemp that is cultivated in Germany and the EU has a minimal THC content of less than 0.2%. The CBD content, on the other hand, is all the higher. The CBD concentration is highest in the flowers.

From cultivation to packaging: a small seed blossoms

Want to buy CBD flowers online or in one of our many Tom Hemp’s stores? Here you can learn about the journey of the flowers – from the seed to the flower in the bag. 

Phase 1: The application

Hemp cultivation in Germany is subject to certain conditions. Unlike cannabis cultivation, no license is required. However, agricultural businesses must register the cultivation of hemp plants with the authorities. The Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) is responsible for this. The EU Variety Catalogue also specifies which hemp varieties may be cultivated for commercial purposes in the EU.

Before cultivation can begin, the use of the hemp must first be determined. Are only the seeds to be harvested or the fibers of the plant to be further processed? Or will the commercial hemp be used for the food industry or the production of CBD products? Depending on this, a suitable commercial hemp variety must be selected.

Phase 2: The cultivation

Hemp seed is extremely sensitive to frost. Therefore, sowing usually takes place in the spring months of April or May. To protect the plants growing in the field from damage by wind and weather, they are usually covered with a foil. Growing in a greenhouse or in modern indoor facilities is also possible.

The soil must be free of weeds, so that you can grow hemp without any disturbances. Thanks to its deep-striking roots, the plant is optimally supplied with all important nutrients from the soil.

Phase 3: The control

Registration of hemp cultivation is not the end of the story for hemp farms and its farmers. Documentation and reporting to the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food are also necessary during the growth phase.

As soon as the plants sprout their first flowers, a report to the authority is due in any case. It is then checked whether the cultivated hemp does not exceed the permissible THC content. This is a prerequisite for the allowance of harvesting hemp afterwards.

Phase 4: The harvest

Hemp plants grown in the field form their flowers after the summer solstice in mid-June. If the plants are grown in a greenhouse or a plant, the growth can be manipulated and thus accelerated. For this purpose, the plants are deliberately deprived of light and then provided again. This procedure allows hemp to be harvested several times a year.

In nature, the harvest of the flowers takes place in autumn. In order to harvest the coveted CBD flowers, it is usually based on diligent handwork. The CBD flowers are carefully detached from the rest of the plant without damage and then air-dried.

Phase 5: The packaging

Off it goes in the packaging and on the fastest way to you. At Tom Hemp’s, CBD buds like the Northern Lights variety are available either in an airtight jar or a resealable ecobag. In both cases, the buds are optimally protected from external influences so that their aroma lasts as long as possible.

You don’t want to or can’t decide on a variety? How good that you don’t have to with Tom Hemp’s. The uniquely formulated Small Friends bud mix contains everything that makes the hearts of true CBD fans beat faster. Small CBD flowers of every hue. From earthy notes to fruity highlights, there’s something here for everyone!

What are the different CBD flowers?

Which hemp varieties may be cultivated in Germany is determined by the EU Commercial Hemp Variety Catalogue. Currently, more than 70 EU-certified varieties are listed. New varieties are added on a regular basis, others are deleted due to their exceeding of the permissible THC limit.

Of course, the CBD aroma flowers Purple Berry by Tom Hemp’s or our CBD aroma flowers Amalfi Lemon also come from EU-certified commercial hemp varieties. All completely pesticide and herbicide free, of course!

Which strains have a high CBD content?

The CBD content of CBD flowers is anchored in the genetics of the respective mother plant. If you want the maximum CBD experience, you should definitely check out our aromatic CBD Flowers Gorilla Glue. A strong 10% CBD is waiting for you!

Is CBD weed legal in Germany?

The cannabidiol CBD is a natural ingredient of the hemp plant that, unlike THC, has no intoxicating effect. Accordingly, CBD is not subject to the Narcotics Act (BtMG). As long as CBD flowers and other CBD products do not exceed the permissible THC limit of 0.2 percent, they are legal in Germany.

Order CBD flowers from Tom Hemp’s: Mix it, Baby!

You got the desire to look around or let off some steam in the CBD cosmos? Say no more, we get you! Tom Hemp’s offers you a variety of CBD flowers of the highest quality.

As a beginner you can start with a relaxed CBD flowers blend. Between 2 and 4 percent CBD content is perfect for a start. Would you like a little more? The colorful flower mix Small Friends makes it possible. It contains all CBD flowers from Tom Hemp’s and is therefore the ideal companion for your CBD experience!

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Who is allowed to cultivate hemp in Germany?

The cultivation of commercial hemp in Germany is permitted to agricultural businesses without a required permit. However, a timely registration of the cultivation must be made and seeds approved in the EU must be used.

Where can you buy quality CBD flowers?

CBD products with a THC content below 0.2 percent are legal in Germany. At Tom Hemp’s you will find a wide selection. Our products are all EU-certified and of the highest quality.

What makes Tom Hemp’s Small Friends so special?

With the “Small Friends” by Tom Hemp’s you get a colorful bud mix of small CBD flowers. In each pack you can expect a versatile flower blend with powerful flavors.

How do CBD buds keep for as long as possible?

CBD flowers can lose their aroma over time. To avoid this as much as possible, you should always store your buds airtight and protected from UV light. Also, avoid high temperatures above 20°C.

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