For International Women’s Day: Hemp and women

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How Tom Hemp’s is standing up for women in the CBD world

Ever heard of the Queen of Hash? No? Then it’s about time! The “Queen of Hash“ Mila Jansen from the Netherlands is considered a true hash icon worldwide. Her achievement: she is the inventor of the first mechanical method to separate the trichomes from the plant. When she succeeded in doing this, the crystals were previously still harvested by hand in order to subsequently produce hash from them.

But who is the “Queen of Hash” and where does her green passion come from? Mila Jansen was born in 1945. She started smoking hash regularly at the age of 20 and only tried weed for the very first time after 23 years of hash consumption.

What is she more into? According to her, the decision between hash and weed is purely a matter of taste. Just like with alcohol. Some like beer, others like wine. Want to know more about Mila Jansen? Nothing could be easier. The Dutchwoman has put her story down on paper. Since 2018 you can buy her entertaining and impressive biography “How I became the Hash-Queen“.

A remarkable woman from the cannabis universe. But why is the cannabis industry still a male-dominated industry? We’ll get to the bottom of it and show you why CBD and hemp-based products are definitely not just for male consumers! Because be aware: women and hemp are not something to be separated. Women and hemp make a perfect match. Which is why we at Tom Hemp’s are especially proud to have so many power women in our ranks and stores!

Women and hemp: are women really less into CBD than men?

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular – and not without reason. They have a calming, pain-relieving effect and have a lot more up their sleeve. The decisive factor here: who consumes the hemp product. Because gender differences between women and men are quite common when it comes to consumption.

But what are these differences? And what advantages do women have from CBD products?

The sale and consumption of CBD products is no longer something that happens behind closed doors. Why should it be? The stimulant is widely used in many age groups and appeals to both women and men.

Of course, after the Queen of Hash’s performance, you might assume that many women will follow her example and go completely crazy for CBD or other hemp products. However, this is not the case. Studies clearly show that hemp and CBD are far more common among men. Women, on the other hand, are more reluctant.

A scientific analysis by the Federal Government Commissioner on Narcotic Drugs, for example, shows that across all age groups, 7.4% of men use cannabis. Among women, the figure is only 4.9%. Even every fruit concentrate has more percentages!

What is the reason for that? Great Question! Unfortunately, there is no real answer to this question. Mostly, subjective experiences and personal circumstances influence the decision to consume hemp or not.

Also, many people are probably not aware that CBD is quite a bit different than cannabis. Cannabis is illegal? Well then, better hands off CBD! But this is exactly where the mistake lies. Many people are deterred from consuming great CBD products by the cannabis illegalization – especially women. And the negative image of hemp, which is maintained by the media and politics, does not contribute much to an improvement of the situation.

Fact check: Women who use CBD react differently than men

If you take a look at the current research on women and hemp, the pickings are slim. We at Tom Hemp’s wish it were different. Of course, differences in the effects of CBD can be found in women and men. Wouldn’t it be interesting to research these further and get to the bottom of the causes?

What has been assumed so far: Biological reasons for divergent responses to CBD lie in the anatomical differences between women and men, the sometimes widely varying muscle mass, and different hormones.

How do women and hemp get along, you ask? At Tom Hemp’s, we took a closer look at a study to answer that question. This fairly recent study, from 2021, found that the intensity of the effect has been shown to be higher in women than in men.

However, the study should be viewed with caution. Because it does not make a difference between THC and CBD. Side effects such as heart palpitations or anxiety usually occur from THC, but not when using CBD products. Absolutely not!

CBD for PMS: experiences and tips

Unfortunately, many girls and women know it all too well: premenstrual syndrome, which is probably better known as PMS. If you are affected by it, annoying symptoms like nausea, abdominal pain, irritability and mood swings greet you month after month. It sucks!

Those looking for a simple solution to combat these ailments will find it in our CBD range from Tom Hemp’s. CBD has an antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect due to its cannabidioles. If you experience discomfort before or during your period, you can relieve it with CBD products. Bye-bye painkillers, we say, and hello, you wonderful CBD oil.

Did you know? CBD is also useful for sleep problems. Sufficient and restful sleep is essential for a high quality of life, especially with PMS. You can find out more about sleeping better with CBD in our blog post.

But CBD can not only alleviate physical complaints. Also psychological symptoms such as stress or mood swings can be effectively reduced with CBD. CBD supports your general well-being and helps you to focus on your body to the fullest. Recognize your needs and satisfy them. Selfcare is the right keyword. Treat yourself. You have earned it!

Fire or doldrums: Does CBD cause sexual aversion in women?

Now it’s getting spicy – or is it? When talking about women and hemp, the sex life must also be mentioned briefly. Because if it doesn’t work in bed, there can be several reasons. Not infrequently, there is pressure to perform or fear of failure behind it. If there’s too much going on in the head, there’s nothing going on in the pants.

With CBD you can counteract this inner stress. Our CBD products from Tom Hemp’s reduce stress, improve blood circulation and lead to more relaxation overall. Not only will you get going, but hopefully you’ll get to the Big O.

If you as a woman have pain during sex, the desire and the desire quickly go down the drain. Please do not let this get you down! Due to its pain-relieving effect, CBD can also help you in this respect and bring back the desire for sex. You go, girl!

Lubricant gel with CBD enjoys great popularity, especially in the USA. Many women who have had experience with it tell of CBD lubricant enabling sex with more intense feelings. In addition, the expansion of the vessels increases sensitivity and drives arousal. The feeling of warmth and relaxation make orgasm as certain as the Amen in the church.

CBD in pregnancy – is it allowed?

Women and hemp are in harmony – we can’t say it often enough. But what about pregnant women and hemp? Are CBD products allowed during pregnancy? Or are they more likely to harm mother and child? Regrettably, there have been few scientific studies on the effects of CBD during pregnancy. Therefore, there are no generally valid recommendations for action. What a pity!

So keep in mind that the following descriptions are personal and individual experiences that cannot be generalized. As a pregnant woman, every woman must weigh for herself whether she wants to use CBD products during pregnancy or not.

However, from various women’s testimonials on the internet, it can be seen that CBD can definitely have benefits during pregnancy. Say goodbye to excessive nausea, food cravings or mood swings. No one needs those, either!

Want to learn more about the effects of CBD during pregnancy? Go ahead, you can find everything you need to know about the topic in our blog post.

Woman power! Tom Hemp’s knows how it’s done

In the past chapters you have learned a lot about women and hemp and hopefully realized: women and hemp harmonize perfectly. We at Tom Hemp’s know that too! When we entered the rather male-dominated CBD business in 2017, we pushed all stereotypes aside. Because women’s power is what we’re all about!

What does that mean in real life? In our own ranks and stores you will find numerous women in leadership positions. So we’re taking advantage of International Women’s Day on March 8 to introduce you to a few of our lady bosses:

Deborah is our COO and therefore responsible for all Tom Hemp’s operations. Meanwhile, all marketing matters and collaborations are handled by Anne, our Head of Marketing & Partnerships. For the content of Tom Hemp’s Nadine is responsible as our Content Manager. Aixa, as Key Account Manager, takes care of sales and customer support. Inga is responsible for one of the most important areas in a company, the finances. Concentrated female competence at Tom Hemp’s – there’s no better way to put it!

In our international store locations, we celebrate the interplay of women and hemp as well, of course. Here, self-confident, strong women clearly set the tone. In Berlin-Friedrichshain and Berlin-Kreuzberg you will meet our store managers Anna Lisa and Polio Pernil. On Mallorca, Store Manager Safae is in charge of our Tom Hemp’s store in Palma.

You think that’s it? No way. Sales Assistant Veronika is the right contact person for all questions concerning the assortment in the store. Meanwhile, Art Director Johanna has the right touch for the external appearance of Tom Hemp’s.

The women at Tom Hemp’s know how the hare runs and go the extra mile day after day! Because here you meet each other at eye level. Women in management positions are the most normal thing in the world – but unfortunately still so damn rare.

Therefore, our appeal from Tom Hemp’s to all women who want to make it in this male-dominated professional field: dare! And to all boss ladies who have long since realized that women and hemp is not taboo: Thank you for your important work!


When is a cannabis plant female?

You can recognize the female cannabis plant by the calyx, which is covered with thin white hairs. This is where the buds subsequently develop from. Male cannabis plants cannot form buds

Is CBD more dangerous for women than for men?

CBD is neither dangerous for women nor for men. You don’t have to fear intoxication or even addiction by using CBD products. 

What is Tom Hemp’s attitude towards women in the hemp business?

In this male domain, women have a place at Tom Hemp’s on equal footing. We’re cleaning up and making a strong case for women in leadership positions.

Photo: Sam Manns / Unsplash

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