Goodbye. Arrivederci. Au revoir. Adiós. Goodbye 2023… Looking back. Stepping forward.

The best is yet to come… Or maybe this moment is the best and it will never get any better? We will only know that in retrospect. And that’s exactly what we’ve done and why we’re doing it full of euphoria is thanks to none other than our Tom Hemp`s community! We are endlessly grateful for your support and the good spirit that inspires us every day to continuously strive to optimize the standards of CBD products and capture the full potential of the green miracle.

In 2023, too, global events have come thick and fast and it has been a year full of contrasts, challenges and opportunities. And we will not fail to mention it in this review: Cannabis legalization. For some it was the word of the year, for others it was a non-word. Wherever you classify it, it undoubtedly represents a high point in a world centered around hemp. And as with all things, there are two sides to the CanG coin.

The sluggish legislative process in Germany leaves quite a few ambiguities, and we may have reported on this more, not less. In particular, the treatment of the topic of industrial hemp is causing concern in our industry. This is because it is to be subject to a smoking clause in future, despite a maximum THC content of 0.3%. No one has yet been able to explain it, but the absurdity of such an unrealistic regulation cannot and must not be seen as collateral damage under the CanG.

It is therefore self-explanatory that companies, including those in the agricultural sector, are looking forward to the new year and the eventual adoption of the draft with a less than jubilant air. But as things stand at the moment, it is uncertain what will or will not happen, as calls for the bill to be stopped at the supposed finish line are growing ever louder. While the SPD parliamentary group has announced that the new year can officially be smoked in with a joint, the date of the last reading in the Bundestag has already been postponed several times due to differences of opinion within the traffic light parliamentary groups and is currently only planned for January 2024.  

And even if all this has long been a balancing act on a tightrope for the impatient: there’s nothing better than waiting (drinking hemp tea). But despite all the criticism, the paradigm shift in the misguided drug policy is a hugely significant step in the way the global discussion about cannabis is finally leaving an outdated stigma behind. Cannabis has moved from the shadows into the light of legality and that is and remains a positive development. Worldwide! Countries that have legalized beyond medical use now include Canada, Georgia, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Uruguay. In addition, 25 states in the USA and the province of the Australian capital Canberra.

And perhaps this is precisely the reason why the trade fairs surrounding Marijuana 2023 are reporting record visitor numbers. And of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to attend Mary Jane in Berlin and Spannabis in Barcelona. It was all about the green gold and our stand was the place to be for all CBD lovers. We exchanged ideas with like-minded people, scanned the latest trends and were fascinated by unstoppable innovation. And scooped a prize, better said (or rather written) our 12% Full Spectrum CBD Oil at the Jack Herer Cup.

But because we never stop dreaming bigger, we were keen to add some Small Friends to our range. The result is a carefully crafted mix of small flowers that represent a balanced blend of calm and vibrancy. Cause we are your friends and you`ll never be alone again. Just like the corresponding Capsule Collection. Consisting of T-shirts and hoodies, it is a tribute to the little wonders that enrich our world.

Creating high quality products to have a positive impact on your lifestyle . . and so that we can make this possible beyond the borders of our community, Tom Hemp`s is collaborating with Erika Lust and has been giving away a voucher with the purchase of every Lubricant and Love Set since December. The Lubricant stands for the transformation of intimacy to a new level with its CBD-based formula. The collaboration celebrates the world of sensuality.

And being fast should be reserved for other things, like our eco-friendly bike delivery without getting stuck in traffic or missing the parcel service. Orders placed by 4 o’clock in the afternoon will be delivered the same day and no matter what you choose, Tom Hemp’s CBD flowers, Sprays or Smoking Accessories: we leave the waiting to others and set an example in terms of sustainability.  

So what else to say? CBD is not a hype, but it is a growing industry… and we are infinitely happy to grow with it. Cannabis is getting the well-deserved attention that one of the oldest natural healing plants in the world should be getting. Since this year we know that the banana is a berry, that the heating law, not the CanG, is the most discussed law in Germany and that there is an extra counter at the airport in Austria’s capital Vienna for passengers who accidentally flew to Austria instead of Australia.

And we know what we have always known: YOU are the most important. So there is nothing left for us to say but THANK YOU. To our customers, franchisees, partners, friends, employees… You let CBD be our mission and we thank you for your trust and for continuing to write our story together with us.

“When one door closes another opens. Or you can open the closed door, that’s how doors work.” We look forward to opening them with you and opening them for you in one of our Stores and wish you a great start to the new year. Stay healthy . . . and enjoy everything there is to enjoy!


Your Tom Hemp’s family

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