“And THAT is legal?” – How CBD changes my life

How CBD use changed my life

When I tell friends or strangers that I use CBD and even smoke it, it still causes a lot of questions and especially a lot, lot of skepticism. Most of them react when I roll a CBD joint the same way they would if I was just making a regular joint: they are… well, let’s call it perplexed and have quite a lot of questions.

Why smoking pot is not for me

I have been envious all my life. Envious of those who smoke pot. I know that sounds a bit strange, but for me that always seemed to be a pretty good solution to quite a few of my problems. I can’t fall asleep very well, I have a hard time relaxing, I have ADHD and I love anything that drives me down.

Basically, weed would be the best medicine for me. If it wasn’t for the fact that I regularly get panic attacks, hallucinations and anxiety from smoking weed, which in turn makes THC joints a kind of wheel of fortune: 9 times out of 10 I feel great, but then what always happens is what has taught me since my youth not to smoke weed under any circumstances: a panic attack for many hours, anxiety for the next few days, the feeling of going crazy. Quite a pity, considering that the other nine times are great.

But if a package insert said: you will feel absolutely terrific nine times out of ten and so bad once that you wish you were never born – it would probably be pretty difficult to bring such a drug to market and, above all, to market it successfully.

From CBD oil to CBD flowers

So when I first heard about CBD I thought, okay wow, I can have everything I love about weed without the side effects, sort of ten out of ten. I got some CBD oil, took it and… was disappointed. It worked, but I didn’t like the taste, I often forgot about it and despite the positive effect (I had fewer migraines, was more relaxed) I stopped taking it after two weeks and thought that my CBD experience had come to a premature end, well, too bad, ciao bella ciao.

In November last year, I spent the night with someone who held out his joint to me at some point. I refused, no, hey, sorry dude, really not in the mood for the next massive panic attack, you understand. He replied that it wasn’t weed, but CBD flowers that looked like this, smelled like this, but weren’t weed. I was quite sceptical, but I smoked along (I also liked him quite a lot and trusted him a lot) and indeed: I was relaxed, without being high, calm, without a hint of dizziness or fear.

Since then I have tried a lot of flowers, papers, filters. I have smoked them pure, I have mixed them with tobacco, I have smoked very much, very little. And my skepticism has inhaled with me, nicely on the lungs or just puffing, it stood next to me when I rolled my first CBD joint and also when I found out after some time how much I need, how often, from whom.

In the meantime, CBD and CBD products are part of my everyday life – but not as a really daily routine, but as a special treat that I give myself. With a glass of wine together or when the day was particularly exhausting.

CBD a versatile ingredient that needs a lot of research

Up to this point, however, I have spent a lot of time researching and gathering information. Because it’s quite difficult to find out what actually goes on with CBD. How to smoke it, which sweets are great, which oils, which creams.

And so that you all don’t spend hours and hours looking for all the information like I did, I will help you here and here regularly from now on. It will be about topics like: Which oil do I start with? What are the benefits? What is the legal situation? What are the benefits of creams? How can CBD support me?

I will try to take you with me on this journey, try out all kinds of things and find out together with you what CBD can actually do – and what it cannot. Let’s go!

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