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What a year! What a year! What a year!

What a year! What a year! What a year! 2020 we will remember you. Amid the ever-changing situation and the high ups and the very low-downs, the entire family behind Tom Hemp’s continued to work tirelessly to deliver the best CBD goods and to highlight the vast advantages it provides. As you know, CBD is [...]
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Recap 2020

Recap 2020 Wow – what a year! In a way, it’s impossible to try and put it into words. COVID-19 wiped out many plans and dreams, had huge economic consequences, but most of all was a massive threat to our health. But maybe the pandemic also gave some of us a chance to pause, reflect [...]
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CBD Concentration

CBD’s effect on increasing concentration: the stigma that’s breaking healing agent’s stride Lacking focus to complete everyday chores, that little bit of motivation for work, shopping, exercise and household duties that just isn’t there – we all know what these phases can feel like. Many people are trying to battle their low spirits for these [...]
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Police raid at Berlin stores and office

Police raid at Berlin stores and office Put on a level with criminals: state powers have their eye on CBD shops   From oils, creams, tea mixtures to food for our four-legged friends: a wide range of CBD products have established themselves on the German market. Taking its broad spectrum of uses and effects into [...]
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Your CBD beauty buddies, for a self-loving summer

Your CBD beauty buddies, for a self-loving summer Summer is finally settling in our beloved city, Berlin. Things seem to be coming back to normal, and the sweet chill summer vibes are here. People are chilling in the parks, having drinks on terraces, picnics and heading to the countless lakes surrounding us.    New Tom [...]
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Tom Hemps @ Mary Jane Hemp Festival Berlin

Tom Hemps @ Mary Jane Hemp Festival Berlin   The weather is getting colder and colder in Berlin, and we can’t stop thinking about the awesome summer we had. This year we got a stand at the amazing Mary Jane Hemp Festival of Berlin, and we were so impressed and inspired by this event that [...]
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The Quick Sumup

First things first, let’s start by a little recap of the previous posts: So Tom is our fictional cool uncle (created by Cristian, founder of Tom Hemp’s) who traveled the world, has thousands of adventures to tell, that works with medicinal herbs and who would rather see you immerse yourself in essential oils and all things [...]
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Who the fuck is Tom Hemp’s???

Where it all began – Tom Hemp’s CBD Shop   The first CBD store in Berlin Kreuzberg “Tom Hemp’s” is the name of the first CBD shop in Berlin Kreuzberg. In 2012, everything started with a small café called “Where is Jesus?” founded by Cristian Accardo. From the very start of this business, the focus [...]
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