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Who the fuck is Tom Hemp’s???

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Where it all began – Tom Hemp’s CBD Shop

The first CBD store in Berlin Kreuzberg

“Tom Hemp’s” is the name of the first CBD shop in Berlin Kreuzberg. In 2012, everything started with a small café called “Where is Jesus?” founded by Cristian Accardo. From the very start of this business, the focus was on hemp, because the love of hemp is interwoven with Cristian’s family history. His grandfather worked with ‘industrial hemp’ in Italy and had his own plantations before this wonderful plant was criminalized.

Cristian’s interest was thus awakened very early ones he was in close contact with hemp in many forms, and over time he developed an unmistakable passion for the plant and began to travel the world to broaden his horizons. He visited plantations in India, Canada, Spain, Venezuela, Morocco, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, Amsterdam, Egypt and various other places to get an idea of ​​the different approaches, techniques and opportunities that nature provides, because hemp can be used in so many ways.

Is Tom Hemp’s real?

This passion also created the basic concept for “Tom Hemp’s” – and because so many ask: No, Tom is not real – we want to convey the impression of a nice uncle, who deals with medicinal herbs.

First steps

Initially our company focused on hemp-based foods – from cakes & biscuits to pizza and spreads, all with added hemp seeds or oils – of course, from commercial sources where the THC content is below 0.2%.

More and more CBD products in the assortment

Gradually the idea to befriend hemp in everyday life became established, because it brings not only environmental benefits, but also health benefits. As the World Health Organization (WHO) looked into CBD and its impact, we thought: This is a step in the right direction.

In 2016, we started stocking a wide range of CBD products including from cosmetics, Oils & liquids to flowers. From our small café we developed a CBD specialty store, where we are available with passionate advice. In addition, we offer a food truck serving a variety of dishes with hemp additives which can be present at trade shows and events to establish our position: my choice – legal hemp!

Our mission

Since CBD has absolutely no intoxicating effect, everyone should be allowed to decide for themselves how to use the benefits of this plant.

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