The history of cannabis

All from the beginning: How the history of cannabis took its course Alongside alcohol and nicotine, marijuana made from cannabis has now made itself comfortable on the stairs of the most popular stimulants. The flowers of the intoxicating plant are also widely used in Germany and can probably be found in every social class. Where [...]
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Latest CBD laws around Europe

CBD laws in Europe – Legislation at the EU and National Levels We are now at the start of a new journey that began in January 2019, when the European Commission changed the entry in the novel foods catalog for cannabinoids. Novel Food is defined as food that had not been used for human consumption [...]
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What a year! What a year! What a year!

What a year! What a year! What a year! 2020 we will remember you. Amid the ever-changing situation and the high ups and the very low-downs, the entire family behind Tom Hemp’s continued to work tirelessly to deliver the best CBD goods and to highlight the vast advantages it provides. As you know, CBD is [...]
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Police raid at Berlin stores and office

Police raid at Berlin stores and office Put on a level with criminals: state powers have their eye on CBD shops   From oils, creams, tea mixtures to food for our four-legged friends: a wide range of CBD products have established themselves on the German market. Taking its broad spectrum of uses and effects into [...]
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