The history of cannabis

All from the beginning: How the history of cannabis took its course Alongside alcohol and nicotine, marijuana made from cannabis has now made itself comfortable on the stairs of the most popular stimulants. The flowers of the intoxicating plant are also widely used in Germany and can probably be found in every social class. Where [...]
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Hanfblatt auf grünem Karton auf Holztisch.

CBD and sustainability

CBD and sustainability: from hemp seed to CBD oil in an environmentally friendly way For years, sustainability and environmental protection have been a topic that have gained more and more and more importance in the public eye, and their influence on national and international politics is growing steadily. We are all aware that we can [...]
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Plants For Persephone Gdlmxnujjn8 Unsplash

The four brothers: Cannabis vs Hemp vs Marijuana vs CBD

The four brothers: Cannabis vs Hemp vs Marijuana vs CBD Lots of people are very confused about the four terms above, and I understand why. Throughout my research, I have found the correct definitions in only a very few online dictionaries. For this reason, I have decided to do a brief post of what is [...]
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