CBD to increase productivity in Home Office?

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Home office: How to use CBD Oil to increase concentration and productivity


Winter has hit Berlin in a way it hasn’t for years! We got almost 10 cm of snow, folks are ice skating on the Spree river, and parks have turned into sledge bliss. Everyone’s mood has been lifted, despite the announcement that restriction measures will be extended for three more weeks and probably longer.

This undeniably means three more weeks of homeschooling and home office. Before the pandemic, most people dreamed of working from home, but many have realized it is much harder than it seems. While staying home is often synonymous with comfort, it is also the place where all our favorite distractions are. If you have a family, you can add the noise and around-the-clock attention kids demand. Therefore, focusing on these circumstances may require superpowers but rest assured, we have the best natural and healthy solution for you guys: CBD oil.

Now, let’s think about concentration… one could describe concentration as paying close attention to a specific task or simply being immersed in a given task. And god knows, there is nothing more satisfying than being entirely focused on something. On the other hand, there is also nothing more frustrating than the feeling of being unable to concentrate. 


So how does CBD increase concentration and productivity?

CBD and endocannabinoid system

Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoid cells, and CBD prevents them from being broken down. As explained by the national library of medicine: “The endocannabinoid system has been recently recognized as an important modulatory system in the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. CBD acts positively for our overall health. It supports our body’s immune and hormonal system functions.” 


CBD and dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for memory and mental awareness. When dopamine levels are low, a person’s attention and focus decrease. CBD is directly associated with dopamine in the brain. Using CBD oils or CBD edibles reduces the possibility of irregular changes in dopamine levels, which maintains levels of concentration and productivity.


When to take CBD Oil ?

There is no ideal time to use CBD oil. Frankly, I use it primarily when I feel very distracted and nervous. However, many people prefer to use their CBD product in the morning, take smaller doses to concentrate, and start their day with the natural benefits of cannabidiol. Others prefer to take their serving of CBD in the evening or before going to bed. However, most users choose to take CBD consistently throughout the day to maintain normal endocannabinoid levels in their systems.


CBD in the morning for concentration

When your morning brain fog is more challenging than usual, CBD can be helpful. Although CBD oil doesn’t give you a quick energy boost like a coffee cup in the morning, it does help promote a healthy state of balance and a soothing feeling in the mind. The morning is the best time to take CBD oil if you want to stay focused and manage daily stress. Lower doses of CBD can also increase your morning alertness, making it easier to maintain healthy sleep-wake cycles.

To find out more about Tom Hemp’s CBD oils, click here and drop us a line if you have any questions!



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