Better Sleep With Cbd

Better sleep with CBD: tips for a restful night’s sleep

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Better sleep with CBD: tips for a restful night’s sleep

A healthy and restful night’s sleep is an extremely important factor when it comes to facing everyday life. But in these stressful and hectic times, it can become difficult to wind down and switch off at the end of the day.

Despite our bodies feeling exhausted, we may have thoughts, stresses or worries keeping us up at night. This leads to the quality of sleep decreasing, which in turn negatively affects our ability to perform optimally in daily life.

That said, we’re probably not the first to tell you about the positive effect CBD can have on quality of sleep. But why CBD alone isn’t enough to solve sleep problems isn’t often spoken about. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the different influences on CBD oil’s effects, and how to interact with a restful night’s sleep.


When is CBD oil the right choice?

To find out whether CBD is the right choice to help with your sleep issues, it’s important to start by looking at what’s causing your sleep problems in the first place. Scientifically speaking, there are two different issues: sleep problems and sleep disturbances, also known as insomnia. Sleep problems can occur due to overstimulation, stress or a change in life circumstances. Insomnia on the other hand is caused by medical issues.

These include processing trauma or other deep-rooted psychological illnesses. When these types of issues are the cause of your sleep issues, we recommend consulting a physician or seeking medical advice. However, when you’re dealing with sleep problems, CBD can be a great help. When trouble sleeping is caused by external circumstances or stress, such as after a difficult breakup or other emotional experiences, CBD oil can have a positive effect on your sleep.


How does CBD hemp oil promote healthy sleep?

As mentioned above, cannabidiol can’t be seen as a cure-all treatment for sleep problems. But, combined with the right sparring partners, this non-psychoactive substance can be a helpful tool on the way to more restful nights. CBD works together with the body’s own cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid system. This system controls different processes in the body, which we have no conscious control over.

That’s where a CBD dosage can step in and support the body’s own cannabinoids and support healthy and natural bodily functions, such as falling asleep. But in this equation, the external influences have an even greater effect than CBD.


CBD oil in combination with the right factors is the key

The fear of not being able to fall asleep plays a huge part in worsening sleep issues. For the CBD oil to have a positive effect on sleep, it’s important for external life circumstances to change, too. A solid nighttime ritual or routine can be a hugely helpful aid for falling asleep. What’s important here is not to use any synthetic means of making yourself tired.

Addictive substances such as sleeping pills can make the problem much worse by adding physical habituation and physical and mental dependency into the mix. Another commonly used tool, alcohol, may help make people feel more tired, but doesn’t address the underlying issues of the sleeping problems. The next day you may feel even more drained, exacerbating your sleep issues the following night, repeating the cycle.

How about incorporating a warm bath into your evening ritual instead? This is also another step where CBD can be incorporated into your calming down routine. At Tom Hemp’s we have a range of CBD Bathbombs that are designed for exactly this. The lemony scent of the Escape Bathbomb gives you a sense of wellbeing as you wind down before bed, inviting calm into your body and mind.

Reading a book at bedtime can also help to make your eyelids start to feel heavy, and is a helpful alternative to looking at a screen or smartphone, which you should avoid at least 45 minutes before going to bed. Try to regulate your caffeine intake during the day, as both coffee and energy drinks can heavily influence the efficiency of CBD. Cannabidiol is limited in what it can do for the body, and your body needs time to wind down and find a restful state. When used regularly, the effect of the CBD increases over time.


Correct use of CBD hemp oil

CBD is indeed supportive when creating a calming bedtime routine to help you sleep better. What’s important though is to get the dosage right for your individual needs. CBD hemp oil is one of the most popular and common delivery forms of cannabidiol. To find out whether it’s the best delivery for you, reading up on other dosages and applications of CBD is a great place to start.

You can find a great comparison of all types of administration of cannabidiol in our blog post Ideal CBD Usage and Dosage: Pros and Cons of CBD Oil, CBD Capsules and More. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find the right path to helping you towards more restful and better sleep supported by CBD.