CBD during pregnancy

Everything you need to know about consuming CBD while the baby is in the womb

Do pregnancy and CBD go hand in hand? Today’s article is for everyone who’s wondering whether consuming CBD and pregnancy can work together.  For a long time, this was a mystery that couldn’t be resolved. CBD has only become an increasingly popular research topic in the last few years, which is why the surrounding science hasn’t evolved very far.

So first of all we do have some bad news: not a lot has changed here, unfortunately. Even though CBD can be purchased and consumed legally since it contains no THC (<0,2%), we’ll still need time until representative statements can be made about consuming CBD during pregnancy.

But there’s a small glimmer of hope: there are many articles and experiences available online where people share their experiences with the topic. So here’s a small summary of the great expanses of the internet. We’re proud to present everything you need to know about CBD during pregnancy!

Is taking CBD or preparations containing CBD during pregnancy harmless or dangerous?

As explained above, this question can’t be answered clearly due to the current lack of research on the topic. There are no clinical studies, with either positive or negative results, that could give us a clear view on consuming CBD during pregnancy.

While authorities and German-language portals by other producers agree that CBD, just like THC, is placenta-compatible, meaning it can have an effect on the embryo, there are many experience reports of people who supplemented their bodies with CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And with widely positive results: on the whole, people report they had an uncomplicated pregnancy with no nausea, food cravings or hormonal mood swings. Many reports also how that they got the impression of a more pleasant birthing process thanks to CBD. But here it’s important to state that these are only individual experiences, and that they aren’t the basis for a conclusive objective opinion. At the end of the day, whether to consume or restrict taking CBD during pregnancy is up to the pregnant person.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) also confirms that CBD:

  • is not psychoactive
  • is well tolerated during pregnancy
  • does not pose a risk to public health
  • does not provoke psychological or physical dependence

CBD can ease pregnancy complaints

Finally! People who put their trust in cannabidiol, or CBD, might experience reduced side effects during pregnancy. This means that if you suffer from nausea, vomiting, back pain, headaches and other issues, the three magic letters C-B-D might ease your symptoms. Consuming CBD also calms the nerves and can promote better sleep. Also, anxiety, depression and migraines, which can be increased during pregnancy, can be eased this way.

Many doctors prescribe medications to deal with the symptoms listed above, many of which aren’t plant-based and can have strong side effects. So the decision lies between CBD preparations or medicine.

Unfortunately, there are not yet enough well-founded clinical study results – but there are a large number of (positive) experience reports on CBD during pregnancy available.

The type and form of consumption method of CBD also plays a role

Smoking CBD flowers during pregnancy is surely be advised against, as the burning of any substance can create toxic pollutants. The best and safest way to consume CBD is 100% pure CBD oil, that’s taken with a pipette or as a paste, capsule or lotion.

Pregnant women with painful body parts (such as their feet, abdomen, back) can simply apply CBD creams or oils to the affected areas. Edibles with CBD, as long as the dosage and ingredients are clearly regulated or recognisable, can also be a good alternative.

Ultimately, as with so many things, it’s our intuition that decides – the so-called gut feeling. Depending on whether you have a good feeling about CBD products or are unsure about CBD in pregnancy, your gut instinct might already be telling you what to do. Whatever your decision, it is always a good idea to discuss consuming CBD with your gynecologist or family doctor before taking it.

And here also you can decide what feels good for you – and sometimes a second opinion can help. A browse through online blogs and experience reports on CBD in pregnancy can certainly give you a good idea.

Photo: John Looy / Unsplash

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