Cannabis Legalisation


On October 18, 2023, the Federal Parliamant debated for the first time the fate of cannabis culture in Germany. Affectionately known as “CanG,” the law is intended primarily to curb the black market and correct failed drug policies, according to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who opened the political show. Since the idea as such, chaos is undeniable and even after the reading, one fact remains to be relied upon: It is the HOW? not WHY? that keeps the issue on the hot seat, and not just among the parties.

While The Greens and the FDP demand that THC should be legal in all its forms, including edibles, the idea of distance from consumption, such as 200 meters from playgrounds and schools, continues to be sidelined.

And then there’s the good old Union fraction. Change is not for everyone and even if cannabis is part of our modern society: Who cares. It is simply rigidly continued to hold on to a stop of legalization. Instead, the population should simply and only be educated about the risks. The argument that legalization will lead to an increase in cannabis use continues to be placed. But please guys, get the truth: marijuana is already being used, not only established with adjusting the law. The main goal is to reduce the consumption that now exists on the black market, and thus allow the purity of products. That is difficult, namely, with the acquisition in dark backyards, only if that did not arrive yet with the once, who had already back in the school days no place in the last row. Cause cool kids only there…


The Federal Council, the state chamber, also has its opinion. It had already debated the CanG draft at the end of September 2023 and drafted a detailed 46-page statement. Stricter measures were called for and there was no small amount of doubt about the implementability of the current draft. Understandably so, because the tangled web of rules is not really close to reality in its current form.

However, the German Government is not so easily intimidated. In its counterstatement, it largely does not share the Bundesrat’s concerns. It argues that education, prevention and legal regulations for cultivation associations will ensure comprehensive protection of health and young people and thus, instead of prohibition and ignorance, the issue will be taken up where it will actually have a positive impact in the long term.


The adjustment of THC on the road also came up. The current limit is 1 ng/ml and would mean that even after days of cannabis abstinence, participation in road traffic would still be prohibited. Therefore, there have been several calls to increase this limit to namely 3 ng/ml. A solution is being worked on under the responsibility of Transport Minister Volker Wissing. An additional study, as previously considered, is not necessary, because the available scientific reports are sufficient.


And what comes next? The federal government’s counter statement will be submitted to the Bundestag for a decision. A hearing in the Health Committee was originally planned for October 18, but was postponed to November 6 due to the change of the first reading. The traffic light parliamentary groups are discussing in parallel which amendments should be accepted. The second and third readings in the Bundestag are scheduled for November 16, and then the law is to be passed.

Finally, the Bundesrat will deal with the CanG again, but does not have to approve it. However, a possible appeal to the Mediation Committee remains an option. The Bundesrat can also raise an objection, but this can be overruled in the Bundestag with appropriate majorities. Entry into force of the law is on the calendar for early 2024, as planned.

But for now, the mix of a reality TV show and political comedy continues. But where, if not in Germany, could a legislative process about one of the world’s oldest natural remedies be so exciting and so complicated at the same time. We will continue not to miss an episode and are happy to hear your opinion on the planned legalization, outer space, virtually or by visiting one of our stores. Where we, for now, keep giving our inspiration and attention to CBD flowers and oils


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