Tom Hemp’s @ Mary Jane Hemp Festival Berlin

An article by Mounia Mosso

Tom Hemp’s @ Mary Jane Hemp Festival Berlin


The weather is getting colder and colder in Berlin, and we can’t stop thinking about the awesome summer we had. This year we got a stand at the amazing Mary Jane Hemp Festival of Berlin, and we were so impressed and inspired by this event that we can only recommend you to come check it out next year!

The “Mary Jane Hemp Festival Berlin” is the largest German hemp fair with over 250 international exhibitors and about 25,000 visitors. The offer of the Hanfmesse includes consumer goods, cannabis as medicine, CBD, grow supplies, urban gardening, hemp cosmetics, hemp superfood, hemp construction material, hemp clothing, paraphernalia, smoking accessories and much more. It’s a super interesting and supporting program with conferences by some of the biggest and brightest Cannabis advocates from around the world who tackle topics such as legalization, medical use, and nutrition.

In the outdoor area of ​​the fair, the festival provides entertainment with live concerts, DJs and innumerable food stalls from all over the world, as well as the opportunity to establish and cultivate high-quality national and international business contacts. And this year, for the first time, a platform for young entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry was created where new business models could be presented to a large audience.

We had a stand that was full of cool activities for the attendees like graffiti t-shirt design, live screen printing, a wheel of fortune with goodie bags,  a photo box with customized design backgrounds and our signature CBD vending machine.


We also got the chance to showcase a few of our best-sellers like our CBD Bath bombs and our CBD oils.


The Tom Hemp’s family really enjoyed these days, and we would like to thank the Mary Jane Cannabis Expo for a phenomenal weekend!



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