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Pushing It Real Good – How CBD can boost your athletic performance

CBD runs our world, but does it also enhance our skating performance? Can we count on it when pushing towards the next level of our physical power? If it needs a yes for you to keep reading through this article: You are safe. So bear with us and get to know how CBD can be pumping up life.


The natural compound of the hemp plant, known as Cannbidiol (CBD), has become the core of innumerable studies over the recent years examining its effect on the overall well being. Our body comes with a complex structure of neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors, those being considered to play a role influencing metabolism and memory. Based on research results we know what we know by now: The impact of CBD is apparent and not just the positive influence on our vital functions, such as stress relief and inflammation, make it a product that supports great health.

But is there a direct link to enhance athletic performance by implementing CBD-products in our sport routine? If we just take the fact of stress relief in consideration, the positive influence on the mental and physical level can already be considered as a sure thing. But there is more to it, such as boosting our energy. Different to coffee, it is not to be expected to have an immediate kick in, but a long term effect on the nervous system. The reaction is caused through cannabinoids binding to proteins that are found on the surface of our cells, which leads to enhanced focus. Moreover, regulating the endocannabinoid system and increasing its activity supports the harmonization of the sleep-wake cycle. A lack of sleep caused by pressure or an imbalance of the body, would influence the physical abilities negatively and worst case scenarioed leads to a gloomy affected mindset. The last thing needed for an athlete.


By reducing mood swings and anxiety due to CBD altering serotonin levels, the effective impact on the mindset brings with it a performance-enhancing effect, meaning our physical activity level is nicely pushed along the way. But as much as it can do its little magic in the ramp, it also is needed more than using a CBD-infused product to win the world cup and training keeps being the key to get skating to the next level.

With an increasing discipline of training, our muscles surely will remind us more or less gently, depending on the existing strengths, that they are possibly sore. Actually, growing muscles, it is even essential to push it to that level. Some would call it no pain no gain. And to relieve that ache of the activated muscles: CBD can be beneficial for treating inflammation. To optimize the consistency of benefits and support recovery as well as to prevent the damage of muscles, the regular involvement before, during and after sports is a wise move towards using CBD as part of our push it like its hot routine.

Relaxed muscles for the win. And so it applies to pain free training. With our immune system possibly not having its best time after training, the binding of CBD within our body improves pain recovery. And that surely is yet another reason why not just skaters use high quality products of the hemp substance to stay aligned with their health, especially in times of extremes.

The legalization of usage and the removal from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of banned substances within sport competitions speaks for itself. With a body from athletes being under a stress level higher than the so-called normal, the necessity of balancing the system is essential to keep up with a body being pushed even beyond limit.


With a wide variety of products being available on the market, it is to find the way to consume that aligns most efficiently with each once individual preferences. The most common way added to a sports routine is CBD oil, optimal isolated or broad spectrum. Reason for that being, that both do not contain any THC. Full spectrum variants in turn can include up to 0.2 percent. By putting the drops under the tongue, they travel into the bloodstream and are showing effect within the shortest time. It is the one to go for prior to training, to switch focus and support concentration whilst simultaneously preventing inflammation. Same applies to CBD balm. Whilst immediately activating cannabinoid receptors in the skin by applying, it is used prior to skating for prevention as well as it is the perfect post-ride partner in crime as it eases stiffness and muscle aches. It should contain at least the amount of 3 to 10 mg to lead to a feeling of relief. Using Vape Pens is the winner when it comes to inhaling CBD. And for the once preferring capsules or gummies*: CBD-infused products work like supplements, boosting the immune system when needed and providing the body with vitamins and elements such as Zinc, B12, Vitamin A… and the list goes on.  *Please note that supplements are not allowed in Germany at that stage.


The popularity of CBD keeps rising not just within the world of skating and so does the number of athletes implementing CBD in their daily routines. Among the list of famous users is Mike Tyson. The former boxing legend even founded its own edible brand, Holy Ears, coming in the shape of ears with bitten parts out of them. Even though they include marijuana which is another story, he was known to use the hemp plant substance to relieve pain and referred to it as “miracle oil”. Besides him, especially within the golf sector, multiple professional players not just use CBD for themselves, but become involved in the industry.

Pro-Skater David Hafsteinsson once stated in an interview with Forbes: “CBD kinda saved my life.”.  Berlin based Sandro Brett refers to it as supporting his focus without having the effect of mood swings: “Using CBD allows me to concentrate and it also helps me to calm down, when tricks might not work as planned or when my body just feels exhausted after a day of skating”.

Inspired by him we somehow feel we should give it a try and start skateboarding. So maybe we see you in the halfpipe one day . . . or the other. Till then:

Keep pushing.

And as this article is about sports, we like to add some headline making news by the NBA (National Basketball Association). The league agreed on removing marijuana from its list of banned substances which means players and team members will no longer be tested for it. Even though we shall not get mixed up with CBD and weed as we speak of two different things. But as a matter of fact, it is linked and we think it deserves a mention as it is yet another step towards the global acceptance of Cannabis.

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