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Me-Time with CBD Bathbombs

Celebrate “me time” with CBD bath bombs

Turn your everyday body care routine into an enjoyable wellness moment. CBD bath bombs are more than just foam and bubbles for your bathtub, they have a powerful soothing effect on your body and mind, too. Combined with nourishing ingredients and essential oils, this bubble bath essential will soon become your favourite way to switch off from everyday stress and worries. Want to know exactly how CBD makes a difference to your soak? Read on.

What’s inside a CBD bath bomb?

A high-quality bath bomb is made from compressed and dried ingredients, which include a light acid and bicarbonate base, which starts to fizzle when it comes in contact with water. But the fun really starts with added scents and natural colourants. Some CBD bath bombs also contain dried flowers, glitter or herbs such as lavender. For example, our CBD Bath Bomb Release by Tom Hemp’s contains balancing lavender oil as well as hempseed oil.

CBD bath bomb scents can vary from delicate, sweet and floral to fruity, fresh and zesty. An extra dose of moisture for your skin can be added in the form of ingredients such as shea- or cacao butter, as well as jojoba or Argan oils.

What does Cannabidiol in bath bombs do?

CBD bath bombs by Tom Hemp’s contain Cannabis Sattvia Leaf Extract. Although it’s derived from the cannabis plant, CBD does not make you high or create an addiction. When  combined with a bath additive, cannabidiol promotes wellbeing, which gives these bath bombs an all-round relaxing effect that’s perfect after a busy day or an active training session.

Studies have shown that cannabidiol promotes muscle relaxation, which contributes to this winding-down sensation. Anxieties and inner unrest or fidgetiness can also be reduced with this remedy. That’s how a CBD bath bomb can help promote a soothing effect on both your body and mind. After a bath with a CBD bath bomb, you may also find your sleep improved as your natural organisms rebalance.

Once your bath time is up, you can use the oils on the surface of your bath water for a massage to further enhance cannabidiol’s stimulating effect on the skin. Don’t immediately rinse your skin after massaging, but let the oils sink in for a few moments if you can. A CBD bath bomb is a fantastic way to revive, regenerate and revitalise your skin, so make sure to carefully pat your skin dry instead of showering it off, to keep the natural oils on your skin.

What to look out for when purchasing CBD bath bombs

These days, many retailers offer CBD bath bombs, but it’s important to keep an eye out for synthetic ingredients among them, which can have aggressive components in them. These types of CBD bath bombs can damage the skin or lead to irritations. That’s why natural bath bombs such as Tom Hemp’s CBD Bath Bomb Escape are a safer choice: their ingredients have a soothing effect even for sensitive skin types.

You can tell whether a bath supplement with CBD is high quality by its listed ingredients: the shorter the list, the better your bathing experience is likely to be. So make sure to seek out a trustworthy supplier when purchasing your CBD bath bombs to get a bath additive with cannabidiol that gives you a spa experience in your own home.

To use, simply fill your tub with warm water, and grab a towel or pillow to place behind your head to complete the pampering session. As soon as you let your CBD bath bomb drop into the water, it will start to bubble and fizz as a delicious scent spreads through the air.

Now all you need to do it lie back and relax – maybe with a book or some relaxing music. Ideally, put your phone out of reach during your me-time session to not disturb your wellness moment.

The little extra for your bathroom

The delicious scent of high quality bath bombs has a similar effect to aromatherapy. Natural oils such as lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus and lemon have revitalizing qualities and can give you a whole new zest for life. And your CBD bath bomb also looks great as part of a wellness feature in your bathroom before you put it in the tub!

Its natural scent can make it a lovely DIY-scent diffuser, so you can enjoy your bath bomb’s smell in any room you like. If you’re worried about clogging your drains with glitter or dried flowers, you can place your bath bomb in a small organza bag before use to contain any non-soluble parts, without losing their nourishing effect.

For maximum bath-time fun, use your CBD bath bomb within a few weeks after purchase, so they retain their maximum fizz and scent-power!

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