Tom Hemp’s x Hot Pod Yoga Berlin

An article by Elisa Schmidt

Tom Hemp’s x  Hot Pod Yoga Berlin

Things that belong together, belong together. Just like CBD oil and yoga – these two are just made for each other! That’s why Tom Hemp’s and Hot Pod Yoga Berlin sat down at a (virtual) table and created something exciting together: the CBD Flow Booty & Yoga Live Event. Want to find out what will happen at the event, and what CBD and yoga have in common anyway? Read on!


A match made in CBD heaven

Breathe, sweat, stretch: Hot Pod Yoga has been around since 2013. The pod is a big, inflatable cocoon that’s warmed up to 37 degrees.  Inside the pod, a group of up to 20 yogis can have a whole new experience of a yoga practice in this special atmosphere. The warmth warms up the muscles more quickly, so the body feels more light and flexible. And the detox effect from sweating is an added bonus.

BUT there’s this thing called a pandemic happening. But that’s not really a problem, as you can keep up your yoga practice anyway. And of course you can use CBD at home, too! On the 15th of April the second CBD Flow Event is taking place on Zoom.

The yoga session is the complete package: plenty of power from functional training, as well as mindful movements for a calm finishing sequence. And the best part is that each participant will have a Broad Spectrum CBD oil 7 delivered to their front door! Sounds great? We think so, too!

Overall, we at Tom Hemp’s believe in togetherness. We love cooperations and partnerships that are great matches, and working with people with the same mindset and with whom we’re on the same wavelength. And we found exactly that in our new cooperation partner Hot Pod Yoga Berlin. Just like we said: it’s a match made in heaven.


CBD yoga

Combining yoga and cannabis isn’t a new idea, per se. Already many, many years ago, cannabis was used in Indian history and also in Taoism, an ancient Chinese belief system, to calm the egotistical tendencies of the spirit and reach a natural state of being. And now this possible completely without THC and the feeling of being high! The Tom Hemp’s Broad-spectrum CBD oil is the perfect boost to any yoga practice. A combination of CBD and yoga can help to feel in tune with one’s body, and recreate a sense of inner balance.

But yoga isn’t all about relaxation, either. You can sweat any inner tensions and stress right out at our CBD Flow Event. CBD is also helpful for the sportier side of the session, because it makes it easier to focus and hold difficult poses for longer, so you can completely sink into the yoga flow. Cannabidiol can even help with building muscle mass. Are you worried about sore muscles after class? CBD can help there, too.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil can help with muscle regeneration. That “sore” feeling in your muscles after exercise is actually tiny infections inside the muscle fibers.


Broad spectrum CBD oil 7

This is the perfect setting for our broad spectrum CBD oil 7. A broad-spectrum CBD oil does what it says on the tin: it’s a serum that unites the complete spectrum of the hemp plant. Our broad-spectrum oil fuses the complete efficacy of the cannabinoids, essential oils and terpenes that are extracted from the hemp plant, both together and also in combination.

And the whole of this is produced locally, too! Both the cultivation and the processing of Tom Hemp’s broad-spectrum CBD oils and serums take place in Germany. During the farming of the plants, no pesticides or herbicides are used.

So you can see that Tom Hemp’s and Hot Pod Yoga Berlin is the perfect combination for a sweaty yoga session after your home office day. Join us on 15 April from 6.30-7.30 pm! And that’s not all, get ready for more CBD Flow events in cooperation with Hot Pod Yoga! The next events will take place on May 27 and June 24. Sign up here to be part of the next event.

Got plans? No worries. You can create your own CBD oil ritual, too! Whether you take yours in the morning, lunchtime or evening, take your time and enjoy your CBD moment with a short mediation or a massage. You can also find inspiration for a CBD Recharge Ritual in Hot Pod Yoga Berlin’s Instagram channel!


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