Gelbliches CBD Wax auf einem Glasgestell.

CBD Wax – the ABC’s of dabbing

CBD Wax – the ABC’s of dabbing

Have you ever heard the term dabbing and are wondering what it means? Then you’re in the right place! My name is Elisa, and I was also unsure about what to look out for in the world of dabbing. So I read up on it so you don’t have to.

More and more people are taking CBD in concentrated form. The most common way to consume CBD is by vaporising CBD liquids with a vape pen. But there’s another method: by dabbing CBD wax and other extracts. To do this, you need a special glass device and a few other utensils. I’ve taken a closer look at the process of dabbing to give you an overview of what’s involved.

CBD dabbing – say what?

Dabbing is a relatively new way to take highly concentrated CBD extracts, such as CBD wax. Similarly to vaporising e-liquids, highly concentrated CBD extracts are also inhaled as steam with special devices. Basically, dabbing is simply another way to inhale vaporised CBD concentrate. And the whole thing is a lot less complicated than it might sound at first!

Dabbing CBD wax and more: what you need

CBD concentrates that are heated are also called “dabs” in their single dosages. CBD dabs are heated when they come into contact with a preheated apparatus. They then turn into steam, which is inhaled by the user. A lot less complicated than one would think, right?

  • Dab rig: The first step towards dabbing is to purchase a so-called dab rig. These glass devices are made specifically to vaporise dabs such as CBD wax, and look a bit like a hookah waterpipe at first glance. What sets the dab rig apart from a hookah is that they are made specifically for vaporising and not for smoking. That means that no dangerous chemicals are produced during the burning process, as happens with smoking. It’s best to select a small dab rig, as one that’s too large can condense the vaporised concentrate, which can get stuck in the rig.
  • Dabbing nail: Dabbing refers to the “dabbing motion” that the dabbing nail performs in this process. You can purchase dab nails in many forms and materials.  They have an opening on the side, are heated on the lower part, and the middle of the nail is used to “dab” CBD wax or another concentrate on. You can also purchase e-nails, which electronically heat up to a specific temperature and make the whole process easier: just like a vaporiser would do with an e-liquid.
  • Dabber: A dabber is a type of scalpel which helps portion the CBD wax and then place it on the nail. You can control the dosage extremely well this way.
  • Torch: In order to dab properly, the nails needs to reach a certain temperature. Standard lighters often aren’t strong enough to heat the nail up properly. A Butan-burner, also called a torch, is much better suited to the task. Ideally, select a burner that has a precise and adjustable flame, and that you find easy to use.
  • Carb cap: Carb caps are fitted to the nails and are in charge or controlling airflow and better vaporising the concentrate. The carb cap can keep the temperature lower, so the vapour retains more terpenes and aromas.
  • CBD concentrate: Last but not least: the CBD concentrate. CBD concentrates are available in several forms, such as CBD wax or as a CBD e-liquid.

No dabbing without a dab: CBD concentrate

There are many types of CBD concentrates, or dabs. What they all do have in common is that they are derivatives of CBD flowers, plant particles or other concentrates – but each has a different production process and final result. Of all CBD products available, dabs have the highest concentration of CBD.

For certain uses CBD concentrates are mixed with other ingredients (such as a baking supplement, as a personal care product or a CBD liquid), but it’s important that CBD dabs are always original products and contain nothing but cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • CBD oil is an extraction of the flowers and leaves of industrial hemp – specifically the female Cannabis satvia L. plant – that is added to a consumable plant oil. CBD oils and tinctures aren’t ideal for dabbing, as you’ll need to scratch vaporised coconut or hempseed oil from your dabbing nail. This can be confusing, as some CBD oils that are made for human consumption as a food are labelled as a “CBD extract”. This is also the term that’s used for CBD liquids and full spectrum CBD extracts.
  • CBD-extract / distillate is similar to the CBD liquid you’ll find in a CBD vape pen. This term is used to cover a series of sauce-like CBD concoctions. Make sure that your extract is meant for dabbing use.
  • CBD wax is versatile and available in many different forms. Some types are called a “flake” or “honeycomb” because of their appearances, and many other shapes exist. So what makes a wax? The plant materials used in its production and the extraction method used to produce it.

Why use CBD Wax?

People who want to try cannabidiol usually come across CBD oils first. Many other products such as CBD liquids and CBD wax are less commonly known – and that’s a huge shame! Through its high concentration of CBD and different uses, CBD wax is actually a lot more effective than CBD oil and other products for some people. Cannabidiol can have a pain reducing and anti-inflammatory effect, and can also kill off germs and viruses.

Due to its high concentration, CBD wax should be dosed carefully. Start with a low dosage to begin with.

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How CBD wax and dabbing extracts are made

CBD extract can be won using three different methods. Water-filtration uses high water pressure to push the raw materials through a filter system, so the necessary active agents are separated from the rest of the plant. The alternative method of dry-sieving separates the CBD extract from the rest of the product through a fine sieve.

The final product isn’t a real CBD extract, though, as its concentration is much lower, and it contains large parts of remnants from the hemp plant. The third official method to gain CBD extract is to separate the CBD extract with alcohol. This procedure yields great results, just like the CO2 extraction Tom Hemp’s uses, which separates the active ingredient from the plant material with carbon dioxide.

Knowers and lovers of CBD usually choose full spectrum CBD extracts. This special way to gain cannabidiol is safe for the environment and achieves a very pure final product.

So you’re ready to go with your CBD wax and dab nail: steam and inhale! After inhaling, simply exhale and you’re done. Pretty easy, right? Do you have any tips? I’d love to read your comments.

The quick-start dab or cold start dab

As always, I’d like to give you the best tips in great detail, so we didn’t want to stop commenting on the latest in dabbing. The quick-start dabbing technique, also known as the cold-start technique.

This technique is inspired by the cold-start dab, mainly in response to the concern of losing some terpenes during the heating phase of the extract. Terpenes give cannabis its aroma and flavor, and are particularly volatile compounds, with considerably lower evaporation points than cannabinoids such as THC.

Not only that, one of the problems associated with dabbing is inhaling the dabs at too high a temperature. The result is intense chest and throat discomfort. Cold-start dabbing is a relatively new technique that aims to avoid inhalation at high temperatures.

Therefore, and to avoid the leakage of terpenes due to excess temperature in the nail, we recommend experimenting with the following technique.

To use this system, we will need the same materials as for the dabbing that have been already explained.

What is needed:

  1. Bubbler or water pipe
  2. Quartz banger (if possible, flat)
  3. Carb Cap
  4. Dabber
  5. Torch / lighter
  6. Cleaning cotton sticks


  1. Fill the bubbler with water and install the banger.
  2. Prepare the dab and leave it in the dabber.
  3. Heat the base of the banger for about 6-8 seconds using the minimum heat setting of the torch.
  4. Once you stop heating, immediately place the extract on the base of the banger with the help of the dabber.
  5. Quickly cover with the carb cap and inhale.

Trial and error will determine the exact warm-up time that your particular banger needs, although as you will see it will not be difficult to find it.

So you can always enjoy the tastiest dabs without fear of burning terpenes or having chest or throat pain.

xxx and dab, Elisa

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